Want To Know How To Attract A Guy? Flirt With Him During This Time Of The Month

If you’re looking for answers to age-old question “how to attract a guy”, then there’s a time of the month when you might be more likely to catch his attention: when you’re ovulating and at your most fertile. Or, in other words, you should probably approach your crush in the middle of your cycle. More specifically, 12-16 days before you get your period.

Confused? A new study shows that guys (and ladies) find women more attractive when they’re ovulating because of certain hormonal shifts. Apparently, when us girls are at our most fertile, our voices and appearance can change slightly. These changes aren’t anything we’re going to notice consciously – it’s not like we wake up the morning we’re ovulating, look in the mirror and see a different person. This is more of a subconscious thing that we don’t even realize. But apparently, these changes make us more attractive to both males and females, which I think is pretty interesting.

So what exactly is going on with our bodies during this time? Researchers don’t know for sure yet, but they do know that our voices change and that our faces may look a little different. The facial changes could be a lot of things: a difference in acne, puffiness,  color changes and more. Basically, it’s nothing we can control, but rather something our bodies do on their own.

Sounds pretty cool to me. It’s just further proof that our bodies are awesome and can do some pretty crazy stuff. So ladies, if you’re looking for the perfect time to attract the hottie who sits next to you in class, you can start keeping track of your menstrual cycle and counting the days until you’re at your most fertile. Ack. That actually sounds a little crazy. I mean, do it if you want, but I still say the best way to make a dude like you is to be your awesome, confident self. If he finds you attractive when you’re fertile, he’s going to find you attractive when you’re not so fertile… it’s not that big of a difference.

Does this study make sense to you? Do you want to try to see if you’re more attractive when you’re fertile? Tell me in the comments!


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