How To Tell If He’s A Bad Guy

One of the great letdowns in life is finally getting a chance to hang out with a guy you have been dreaming about dating from afar, only to realize he’s actually kind of a bad guy. From what he says to how he acts when you finally get together, it’s just like… what is your deal?! I’ll admit that first impressions aren’t always right, but sometimes you just can sense that a guy is kind of a jerkface not too long into the relationship.

Let me take you through a hypothetical date with classic bad guy syndrome signs and you can see for yourself. We once again turned to the wonderful world of GIFs to showcase a few behaviors that if they remind you of your guy, my suggestion is that you have an internal heart-to-heart because dude could very well be a class-A bad guy.

Right after he asks you out for Friday night, a couple of his buddies run over and say they are going to a concert and he should totally come. He says he wishes he could but that he has a date. He sighs, and gestures over toward where you are standing:

When you meet up with him at your date, this is how he greets you:

You start making conversation that’s a little less forward, and this is how he reacts:

He only seems to care about bragging about his parallel park job:

He asks about what you’re wearing. Thinking it’s kind of a compliment, you smile and say you just bought it for this date. Turns out he hates your look:

A teammate of his happens to be in the restaurant and pops over to say hi. What your guy is saying to him sounds sweet, until you realize he is gesturing toward the waitress:

You ask why he would say that. He doesn’t seem to think there was anything rude about that:

He goes back to his conversation with his teammate who now looks super uncomfortable. Oh wait, NOW he’s talking about you:

When they bring him a Diet Coke instead of a regular Coke, he needs you to know how much of a problem this is:

That’s nothing though compared to what happens when you order your dinner. When the waitress tells your guy they are out of the special he wanted, he gets mad at her and makes a scene:

He seems to calm down, and asks if you want to see something funny. You figure it’s something on his phone so you start to take a drink while he gets it. Instead he pulls this “hilarious” prank on you:

Dinner finally ends and it’s time for you guys to leave. He suggests that you see a movie, but insists that he gets to pick what movie you’ll see:

That’s the final straw, so you call it a night. Based on his actions, I gotta agree girl, it’s really looking like he could be a bad guy and not really great boyfriend material. Yeah, I know people can make mistakes, but if it’s a pattern of questionable behavior, you have to call it like you see it. Don’t let a crappy guy drag you down – you deserve better!

How do you determine if a guy is a bad guy? Have you ever dated a guy who turned out to be bad? Have you ever tried to “fix” a bad guy? Tell us in the comments!

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    this was hilarious. “because i have a penis”