Sarah Silverman Wants Guys To Be “Bro-Choice”

Another day, another Funny or Die video making the rounds on the Internet. In one of the latest ones, actress and comedian Sarah Silverman addresses the bros of America to step up their game when it comes to the fight for reproductive rights. Take a look:

I totally agree with her message that bros (or you know, even just men in general not of the bro-persuasion) can take a stand when it comes to reproductive rights. I know quite a few who are (yay!), but there’s always strength in numbers.

The humorous concept was able to point out some of the very serious nonsense happening around regulating reproductive rights in the U.S. and how this is a chance for men and women to band together and help protect important rights.

I will say though that I wasn’t totally crazy about the final line . I know, it’s comedy, but after a message about people being willing to helping each other out, it just felt weird to me to end this message with potential oral sex as the incentive to get guys to help. Is it just me?

In any case, the video asks viewers to check out and If you have a few minutes, you may want to take a look and learn a little bit more about what these organizations are doing to make strides when it comes to reproductive rights.

What did you think about this video? Do you agree with Sarah Silverman’s message? Do you know any “bros” willing to stand up for reproductive rights? Did you check out or Tell us in the comments!

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  • LittleRedWolf

    Not able to watch it right now, but in regards to the final line… it’s Sarah Silverman. If you are at all familiar with her stand up or her show, you have to expect something really messed up, twisted, or just totally out of left field from her, even in a serious message, and know that she definitely doesn’t mean it. It’s just Sarah being Sarah.