9 Ways To Get His Friends To Like You

By now the Internet has officially adopted the name “Haylor” to refer to the duo of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, and based on pictures of the duo, they seem pretty cute and happy. However, the non-Harry members of One Direction are allegedly a little miffed that Harry is off hanging with the country pop princess and kind of leaving them out.

Of course, the only ones who know what’s totally up is Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and the other four-fifths of One Direction, but it brings up an important relationship topic. When you start dating a guy, you start dating his world a little bit too. You can usually put off meeting the family until you’re a little more comfortable, but meeting his friends is bound to happen pretty darn quick. Just like we can get a little territorial about our friends when they introduce a new person into the mix, his friends can feel the same way.

The fact is that both you and his friends love hanging out with your boyfriend, so it’s important to make sure you are respected as the new girlfriend, but also that his friends aren’t cast aside. We’ve come up with some dos and dont’s to help you stay on the good side of your boyfriend’s friends – and hey, hopefully you’ll get to make some new friends in the process!

Have you ever had a problem with the friends of your new boyfriend? What other advice do you have about getting along with his friends? Tell us in the comments!

My Guy Best Friend’s Girlfriend Doesn’t Want Us Being Friends

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