5 Super Nice Things To Do For Your Mom (They Can Count As Holiday Gifts!)

Emma Stone doesn't know your mom but she probs gives her mom great holiday gifts

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I don’t always get along with my mom, and I don’t always agree with her, but even when she says something that makes me mad or gets weird about whether or not I’m sick (she’s always sure I am), I always love her. If you can understand where I’m coming from when it comes to your mom, then think about giving your mom a little extra love this holiday season. Chances are, she’s feeling super stressed about getting everyone the perfect presents, wrapping everything, hiding everything, cooking up delicious cookies and sweets–all while you know, doing her normal job and trying to keep up with her friends and her life. PHEW.

Yeah, so your mom probably deserves a little extra something right about now. Here are 5 super nice things you can do for her that could even count as holiday gifts–heck, make a coupon book with all of ’em in it, and she’ll be psyched!

1. Make Dinner
I’m not talking put-the-Lean-Cuisine-in-the-microwave, either, girl! Get a simple recipe online or from one of your mom’s cookbooks, hit the market to get all the ingredients, and do it! She’ll be super psyched that you’re taking the initiative and thankful to have a night off as house chef! Just, um, don’t set anything on fire if you’re working with the oven!

2. Give Her A Back Rub
You know why your mom’s back is probably hurting right now? Because she’s been lugging home tons of awesome presents for YOU from the mall! To show her how much you appreciate her amazing generosity (and face it, it is amazing), start kneading out some of the major knots in her back. She’ll love you forever.

3. Offer To Take Down The Christmas Tree
Putting up the Christmas tree is so much fun, but taking it down? Well, not so much. If that’s usually your mom’s job, tell her you want to help, or maybe even do the whole thing! She’ll be surprised and excited not to get covered in tree sap and dry pine needles again this year.

4. Help Your Kid Sister With Her Homework
Of course your mom could help, too, and she probably usually does, but seeing you take on such a leadership role will make your mom incredibly happy–and it’ll take one more thing off her to-do list so that she can actually relax for a little bit. Seriously? When was the last time you saw your mom just . . . resting?

5. Do The Dishes (All Week)
Sure, everyone pitches in to do the dishes once in a while, but if you give her a full week without a single plate to rinse, she’ll love it! It’ll take about 15 minutes out of your evening, but will add a whole lot of joy to hers. Worth every second, if you ask me.

What are some nice things you think your mom would like? What holiday gifts are you giving her this year? Have you ever thought about giving a “coupon” book? Tell us in the comments!

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