5 Good Reasons To Eat Christmas Cookies . . . As If You Needed Any

Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies: As if you needed a reason. | Source: ShutterStock

The holiday season means Christmas cookies are out in full force. They’re delicious, they’re pretty, and you probably don’t need to be told twice to munch on ’em. But in case you feel guilty about noshing on Christmas cookies this year (which you shouldn’t–you look fine and they’re not around for very long), we have a slew of reasons why you should relax and enjoy them. Just make sure you brush and floss your teeth well, otherwise you may have an unwanted visit from the tooth fairy instead of from Santa.

1. Christmas cookies keep you from getting depressed. Seriously.
Dude, it’s science. A study reported that nixing sugar and fat has the same effect on your brain as going through drug withdrawal. When you suddenly stop eating delicious treats like Christmas cookies too suddenly, you can feel bummed out. So gorge to your heart’s content and just wean yourself off gradually by New Year’s. Problem solved!

2. If you don’t, you’ll make other people depressed.
Whoever baked those delicious Christmas cookies put blood, sweat, and tears into them. Or maybe not, because that would be gross. But they probably did use a lot of sugar, love, and effort. So if no one eats those cookies, they’re going to feel like they’ve failed. Do you want them to feel that way? No? Then eat a cookie. And then eat another cookie.

3. They’re a stress reliever.
Feel like you’re about to bite someone’s head off? Do it literally. But instead of your best friend, dad, teacher, boss, or anyone else, do it with a gingerbread man. There’s a lot less drama involved and legal ramifications are slim to none (as long as you didn’t steal said gingerbread man), and you just might feel better when you’re done.

4. You won’t have another chance until next year.
Christmas cookies are a gift in themselves. Sure, you can have Valentine’s day or St. Patrick’s or Halloween cookies, but chances are they don’t have the unique flavors Christmas cookies often do–think gingerbread, peppermint, or red velvet. So you’d be wise to enjoy them while you can!

5. Remember that next year may never come.
Hurry up! The Mayan apocalypse is coming in nine days! Don’t waste them!

Do you really need a reason to eat Christmas cookies? Do you think fatty foods can really cause depression? What’s your favorite holiday treat or dessert? Tell us in the comments!

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