Smartphone Users, You Might Be Having More Sex Than Other People

Smartphone users, take note: you might be having more sex than people who don’t have smartphones. Seriously! A new study reveals that teens with smartphones have more sex than teens who don’t have them.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way. It’s not like you’re going to buy a shiny new iPhone and the next day start racking up your sex number. Smartphones may not be directly responsible for teens having sex, they’re just making it a whole lot easier. Why? Think about it: teens with smartphones have the ability to sign onto Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or basically any other website no matter where they are. They constantly have access to people all over the world. They can make connections with someone whether they’re shopping at the mall or laying in bed. It’s way easier for them to get in contact with someone to set up a little play date.

In case you’re feeling dubious, as I was, researchers assure us that they accounted for any other factor that could affect sexual behavior, like age, race and sexual orientation… and the results were still the same. The study found that 47 percent of teens who have a smartphone are sexually active, compared to the 35 percent of teens who don’t have one.

I guess this study makes sense, but at the same time I’m a little confused. I’m not trying to sound weird or anything, but… who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? I feel like every phone out there is a smartphone, between iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry and more. Everyone I know (younger, older and the same age) has one… except for my boyfriend, who is fully committed to his flip phone.

If you’re feeling skeptical, keep in mind that this study only focused on 1,840 students from Los Angeles. There are a lot of other teens out there, and personally, I’d love to see a larger study on this.

What do you think – can smartphones lead to more sex? Have you ever used your cell phone to meet up with someone you met online or to meet up with someone in general? Tell us in the comments!


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