Do Guys Get Stupid Around Girls? Science Says Yes!

guys get stupid around girls. it's true about men!

Maybe it’s just nerves? | Source: Shutterstock

Have you ever gone up to a guy you liked thinking you were going to be totally cool, but then when you start talking to him, only insane, unintelligible gibberish spews from your mouth? Right. Me, too. Kind of way too many times to count.

And apparently, guys have the same thing happen to them when they’re around girls, or even thinking about being around girls! In a recent study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, men were given cognitive tests after talking to women online. They performed worse on these tests after talking to women, or even after just being told they were going to talk to a woman!

I’m not sure if all the men in the study were straight, so the results might be skewed a little bit, but it’s still funny to think it’s a scientific fact that guys’ brains get all fuzzy when they’re around girls. Hormones rule, boys drool, and nerves can make even the brightest of us act really stupid!

Have you noticed that boys get stupid around girls? Do you have a brother who acts dumb when your girlfriends are over? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  • MagneticPudding

    I’ve had one of those moments, ALL TOO OFTEN.

    Once I was hanging with my crush in Math and he took my scarf and wrapped it around himself, asking “Don’t I look sexy?” and he gave me those eyes. ( @ n @ ) *drools

    I scoffed and rebutted by saying it made his butt look fat. He made sad puppy dog eyes and I took it back “Of course youre sexy” then I stuttered on about “well, i didnt mean you were sexy, i meant, well- the scarf, it..” then i just shut up xDD

    FML right?

    He laughed about it all class period

  • maya

    When I was fished out of a pool by a hunky lifeguard all I could say was ‘I’m gluten intolerant’ before passing out. FML.

    • Michel

      You will definately have to pay posatge or pick them up in the US somewhere.Yeah the FB connect thing I’m still working on. They want way too much personal info to get it to work right..

  • insert name here

    lol yeah once i asked a guy for help with a math question and it turned out i was right all along and he was just messing the whole thing up XD