The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Flirting

All those women’s magazines that line the grocery store check-out line are always full of headlines about how to get a guy’s attention or how to be in order to be irresistible. Basically, there’s a lot of info out there regarding the best flirting tips. From what to say with your body language to what to actually say with words, it is a whole lot of work to do all these subtle things to make a statement about wanting to get with somebody.

I’ve already touched on my love of holiday romance, and since the holidays are a season of many parties, there’s plenty of opportunities to seek out your crush and put in some quality flirting time. If you’re anything like me though, you don’t want to spend hours agonizing over what to stay and do – especially if that time stressing about how to flirt could be dedicated to fun winter break activities like sleeping in.

Based on everything we’ve learned about how to flirt, we’ve come up with a few shortcuts and hopefully these flirting tips will help you get right to the main point of your message: HEY I LIKE YOU! PLEASE LIKE ME TOO! Basically, our lazy girl’s guide to flirting seems pretty foolproof.

What do you think of our flirting tips? Do you think you’re good at flirting? What advice would you give a girl who is wondering how to flirt? Tell us in the comments!

How To Get His Attention…Really

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  • Indigo

    Oh man. So twirling your hair is considered flirting??? I must look desperate! I twirl and braid a piece of my hair repeatedly all the time, as a nervous habit. I’m even doing it right know as I’m typing this. I guess it’s better than what I used to do: chewing on fingernails, chewing hair, etc.

  • DesiHeart

    The lazy girl tips are so awful. It’s like it’s punishment for being lazy.