Don’t Be Shy About How Awesome You Are–You’ll Just Undermine Yourself!

Don't be shy and undermine yourself!

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Holy moly, ladies. I’m sure you’ve heard many times before (from teachers, from your mom, maybe even from your monthly horoscope!) that you’re smarter than you think you are . . . but it turns out, that’s absolutely true! We’re shy about our abilities and that means we undermine ourselves left and right–in school, at work, in relationships–you name it!

In a recent study, women were given a whole bunch of math tests to take (sounds like everyone’s dream weekend, right?! I kid. I kid.). They were told to put their real names on half the tests they took, and to put a fake name on the other half. All the tests were just as hard, but women did surprisingly better on the tests that didn’t have their real names on them! That means that when we’re not worried about being judged, or feeling shy because people will know how we did at something, we actually kick more ass, not less.

Maybe that’s why so many super heroes wear disguises. They feel stronger and less shy when their identity isn’t on the line! I guess the lesson is to just take a deep breath, and do your absolute best at everything you do–without worrying that anybody’s going to see the results or know that it was you who did it. You’re strong and smart. Don’t undermine or underestimate yourself, girl!

What do you think? Are you shy about your abilities? Do you think you undermine yourself sometimes? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Indigo

    I’m pretty shy. I’ve been known as the “smart, artistic, shy, quiet” girl since, well, kindergarten. But I’m not undermining myself when I don’t talk much. Of course, I feel much more comfortable talking under a fake name (like Indigo) so that people don’t know my true identity and judge me. I don’t like to talk or present in front of many people because I’m just afraid of embarrassing myself and having people judge me. Yeah, I know I’m awesome and smart, but I don’t want people to think of me as something else. Plus, I just HATE being embarrassed, maybe more than other people. I just feel… awful. I even sometimes describe myself as “semi-antisocial.” But I’m probably not. Whatever. I love who I am and what I can do. And I have a tendency to write WAY more than I meant to.