Teenage Boys Are Probs Not Offended By Lea Michele’s Sexy Cleavage (Or Yours)

Lea Michele looking sexy in cleavage baring dress

Looking awesome, Lea! | Source: WENN.com/Fayes Vision

There’s a lot of kooky celebrity news out there, but this morning, I nearly shot orange juice out my nose while reading a story about Lea Michele–or rather, about Lea Michele’s sexy cleavage.

It turns out that Lea loves showing some cleavage when she’s on the red carpet, and in my book, I think that’s fine. I mean, why shouldn’t she? Sure, she plays a teenager on TV, but in real life, she’s 26-years-old–definitely not a child! Our bodies aren’t anything to be ashamed of (they’re beautiful!) and being a little sexy can be a whole lot of fun. The crazy thing is, that a lot of parents think it’s Lea’s responsibility to be a role model for little kids and that her sexy look is way too scandalous.

“I think Lea Michele is sending the wrong message,” said New York mom Kim Trefcer, “She plays such a ‘good girl’ on Glee and a lot of kids look up to her persona. Then she poses very provocatively on two magazine covers which makes my almost-13-year-old son very confused and offended.

Oh, honey! I hate to break it to you there, mom, but um, your teenage son is probably anything but offended by Lea Michele’s sexy cleavage (or anyone else’s!). I have a lot of guy friends, and although they don’t get too graphic with me (thank heavens), they’ve all hinted at special TV and movie crushes that they, achem, spent special time with as young adolescents and teenagers. Of course not all guys are straight, but if he’s telling his mom he finds sexy cleavage offensive, he’s probably just trying to make excuses for why he gets all fidgety whenever he sees her looking so smoking hot!

Plus, by being confident in her skin, Lea Michele is being a kick ass role model. She’s not shooting up drugs or showing up wasted to big events. She’s just wearing a low-cut dress and showing young girls and women that it’s awesome to love your body and feel gorgeous as you are.

What do you think? Is it inappropriate for Lea Michele to show so much cleavage? Do you like to rock a sexy look, or do you think it’s too scandalous? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Adrienne

    She’s on Glee. Should a 12 year old be watching Glee to begin with? I would think, if you were trying to get offended, that the show itself would be more offending than a little cleavage. Lighten up. An the magazine? Wasn’t that Cosmopolitan or something like that? Since when have they been kid friendly to begin with??

  • bewbs

    actually in the show she’s been doin a lot of sexier/risque things anyways, so it’s perfectly fine. those dance routines are more arousing than that dress!

  • LittleRedWolf

    They’re boobs. BOOBS. Boobs are awesome, they’re natural for women to have, and they will always be there. A little cleavage isn’t even scandalous. If she had been showing EVERYTHING, then I would understand people being a bit upset (I think we all remember a certain stage performance from some years back). But it’s CLEAVAGE. This is just like moms getting upset because Miley Cyrus admitted that she enjoys sex, many years after Hannah Montana ended and she had moved on from her Disney channel role. She had no ‘responsibility’ to only do things acceptable to younger children. Even though Lea is still in her role, she’s an adult and doesn’t have to live a strict life off the show.

  • ViviGoesRoar

    She did not sign up to be a role model, she’s a singer/actress. Its the parent’s job to teach their child right from wrong and that liking a celebrity doesn’t mean they should be just like them. I mean I grew up watching tons of celebrities that are now considered “bad role models” but I turned out great because my parents raised me correctly. I repeat, they are paid to play a part or sing a song not to teach children how to behave. That and people should think about what they like at that age, I’m sure not all of them were saints. She’s young, has money and a great body… If you’ve got it, flaunt it 😉

  • pinkheart

    I think she is beautiful and if she wants to show off her body she should be able to. We all would show off our boobs if they looked that good, and some of us do.

  • dannie

    clearly these parents have never seen her in spring awakening. if that is too sexy….