How To Get The Most Kissable Lips Ever

You’re getting ready for the big date. You’ve got your cutest outfit on, you’ve pumped yourself up with awesome music, and you can’t wait to see him . . . and kiss him! The thing is, chapped lips aren’t that kissable. They’re rough and they don’t feel as nice as soft, smooth lips. So how do you get kissable lips? Let me tell you!

First off, drink tons of water. If you get dehydrated, your lips will almost definitely get chapped. If they’re already chapped, use a dry wash cloth and gently rub it across your lips, back and forth, to remove some of the dry skin. When you’re done, put a thick balm, like Aquaphor, over your lips. Let that soak in completely before putting on your lipstick.

For the most kissable lips, avoid sticky lip glosses and drying long-wearing lipsticks. Try a cream lipstick instead that has moisturizers in it. Heck, for kissable and delicious lips, try wearing a little strawberry lip balm. Yum!

Who’s the most kissable person you can think of? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatarKandi says:

    I don’t kiss and tell(;

  2. avatarShayla says:

    The most kissable person I can think of is me, of course. (I seriously get this compliment all the time. :P But fun aside…) I’d say Joseph Walker. <3 Such a beautiful man.

  3. avatarAzia says:

    Logan Lerman has THE most kissable lips!
    Also eos lip balm is nice

  4. avatarBri says:

    Justin Bieber is the most kiss able

  5. avatarAbigail says:

    Most kissable person? I would definately say Niall Horan.

  6. avatarMadhubrata says:

    Most kissable? Zayn Malik definitely.

  7. avatarViiviaana_Vegaa says:

    I think yhu need to put lotion on yur lips but dont let the lotion go in your mouth …..then softly clean it and put balm:)

  8. avatarKim says:

    Most kissable person? D.A.S. ;3

    Another good tip is to mix sugar and water into a sort of paste and rub it in circular motions on your lips. Rinse off the granules and you’ll have soft (not to mention sweet!) kissable lips.

  9. avatarAmy says:

    Tom Daley all the way.<3

  10. avatarNia says:

    The most kissable person? Justin Beiber, hands down.

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