Could Fake Piercings–Like A Tongue Ring–Kill You?

tongue ring fake piercing

If you have a fake piercing, especially a tongue ring, you may be at risk for serious health probs! | Source: ShutterStock

You probably figure a fake piercing–think a magnetic tongue ring–is safer than actually having a hole poked into your flesh, right? But that’s not always the case.

The Daily Mail reports that one guy, Michael Delaney, had a magnetic tongue ring. It was comprised of two studs with powerful magnets within ’em that you put on each side of your tongue. Seems pretty harmless, right? And they usually are. But this particular fake piercing was darn near deadly for poor Michael, because he accidentally swallowed it.

It wasn’t like Michael just got hungry and was like, “Oh, hey, let me eat my tongue ring!” Apparently he was riding a bus, hit a bump, and voila–massive bodily damage from two tiny studs.

Michael had to go to the hospital because the studs ripped through his intestines. The magnetic parts of fake piercings are, like magnets typically are, attracted to one another, and that does a number on your internal organs. Thing is, a lot of times you don’t realize it right away. Michael felt fine, but he went to the hospital two weeks after he swallowed the fake piercing because his stomach hurt really bad. Docs had to cut him open in three different places to take the studs out–and they told him if he waited just four more hours, he would have died.

Obviously, this is a lot less likely to happen with a fake piercing on, say, your belly button, nose, or ears. But if you’re tempted to get a tongue ring of any kind, it’s important to know the risks. While a real one can cause nasty infections (your mouth is chock full of germs, and any piercing risks healing improperly), but a fake piercing can still kill you. Be careful, girls!

Have you ever had a bad experience with a fake piercing or tongue ring? Do you prefer real or fake piercings? Would you ever get a tongue ring? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Lana

    I got my belly button pierced and it got infected because it was a cheap belly button ring! It was red, pussy and bruised.

  • Miranda

    gurl please remember that getting a real one also carries the risk of death. Tongue rings carry the very real risk of hitting an iportat vein in your tongue and bleeding to death.

  • kiara

    I had those ! I swallowed one too!!!
    I was in math class and i coughed and one of them went down my throat, not all the way tho. It felt like it was in my lungs (idk thats what it felt like) i started coughing to get it out really badly. And i finally coughed it back up, only to fully swallow it from the excitement of getting it out of me lol. I never saw it again. Hopefully it’s out of my system 😛
    This happened well over 4 months ago

  • ashley

    no i wouldn’t have a tounge pierce or ring.It would be
    disgusting when it comes to eating and just generally
    looks horrible.

    • Breezy

      That’s your opinion. Mine is that I would totally try one since my mom wont let me get my tongue pierced until im 18. Just one more year!
      This is absolutely my opinion just like you have yours 🙂