From The Message Boards: I Got Naked On Camera – Now What?

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Let’s face it: naked pictures and videos happen, no matter how many times people are advised not to do them. While it may be fun in the moment, the aftermath may not be as much fun. It stinks and a lot of us have been there before. So how do you deal when you totally regret what you did?

When I saw this topic being talked about in the message boards, I knew I had to bring it to everyone’s attention. This girl got naked on camera, and now she feels super guilty. What should she do now? Read her story, see what some other girls said, and then tell us what you think.

SugarRaine said:
I was being an idiot and stripped on camera. There’s no need to tell me how wrong this was, I already know. I feel so guilty. The guy is my age and so hot and he took his shirt off and one thing led to a next and we were both naked. 

He assured me that he didn’t take any screenshots or anything but I’m just still worried. You can’t really believe people through the Internet, ya know? He’s telling me that he prefers to have me to himself and wouldn’t want to share photos of me. 

How can I stop feeling so guilty? I mean, I had so fun but I feel like a slut and believe me, this is not something I would do very often. I just have low self-esteem and he was telling me everything I wanted to hear.


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beccsx0x said:
There’s no need to feel guilty for that. Sure, maybe you could have been more careful, but there’s nothing you can do about it now. Doing things like that doesn’t make you a slut and it’s only shaming if you let it be.

I know how you feel- I used to do stuff like that. I would feel guilty about it too, after. But just like you, I did it because I had super low self-esteem, and these guys just know exactly what to say.

Ellie7 said:
You’re definitely not a slut! I agree with these girls, we all make mistakes or do things we’re not proud of, but we learn from them and move on!

What would I tell this girl? Don’t put yourself down for this – as these ladies above me said, it happened and now it’s time to move on. We all make mistakes and we all do things we’re not proud of at times, but that doesn’t mean you’re a “slut” or a bad person. And you should never make yourself feel that way!

Keep this in mind for the next time you’re in this kind of situation, and maybe think twice before taking naked pictures or video again. Even if nothing bad happens the first time, you never know. For the future, it’s best to keep cameras out of the bedroom.

Have you ever been in this situation? Can you relate to this girl? Would you ever get naked for the camera? Tell us in the comments.


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  1. avatarNicole says:

    A similar thing happened to me, but with next door neighbor on bbm. I had very low self esteem and he just said all the right things but I still feel guilty. He was my age but that doesn’t make it ok. :’-( I haunt even had my first kiss so it has been eating at me since. Xoxo Nicole

  2. avatarDaybyday says:

    I did the same thing. I had a boyfriend who just wanted pictures of me, but he pretended like he didn’t when we were actually together. So I kept sending them and sending them, but then he started acting like a jerk. Luckily for me, I sent those over snap chat, so I’m probably not as worried as you are. My personal advise is to completely block yourself away from these guys who made you send them. Don’t follow them on any thing like instantaneous or Facebook or anything. You don’t want to get yourself involved with them ever again. But also, you don’t want to piss them off because they have all of your pictures. So try and live your life not involving yourself with them ever again.

  3. avatarEllie says:

    Dont feel guilty, loads of girls do this. Odds are some of your friends have done it too and theyre just not saying anything. Move on, you made ONE mistake, it isnt the end of the world=) you deserve to forgive yourself.

  4. avatarBrenna says:

    I’ve been through this situation before. A boy I had a crush on forever had finally noticed me. He flirted with me in class, made me feel pretty and special, even asked me to add him as a friend on facebook. I got on and added him immediatly, and we began to chat the next couple of days. Even then, seemed off, when he began to ask me questions. It started innocently enough, like if I liked him or not, what I liked about him, but they got personal and aprivate. He asked me what my bra size was, if I had ever watched p0rn, and what I would “do” to him. I got uncomfortable, but I loved how nice he was to me. He said I was hot and beautiful. I was naïve with low self esteem, and I kept answering his questions even as they got more graphic. Pretty soon, we were talking about things that I would never admit to anyone else. He even asked me to send him naked photos on my phone. That’s when I realized that he was only using me, and that he had no intention of being my boyfriend or even a friend. I felt dirty and ashamed, so I blocked him and tried to forget all about it. That’s when he started giving me advances outside of facebook. He’d squeeze my butt or make disgusting jokes in front of me, even wink and smirk whenever we were in class, or when we were alone, asking me to go over to his house. I was so shy back then, I was too scared to tell him to stop. So I let him, keeping silent, trying to just ignore him, but on the inside I was calling myself a slut, telling myself that it was my fault that I led him on. I became so worried what he would tell his friends about me. When I finally asked him to stop, I stood up for myself, switched out of the classes I had with him, I felt better and began to move on. Even though I did, those nagging thoughts never left, but Iearned from my mistakes and now I feel like a better peson.

  5. avatarsarah says:

    this happend to me last sat did something on video iam so worry it may ended up online i have a man dont what to do it will ruin my life iam also a mom

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