8 Couples Way Worse At Kissing Than You

For like the majority of my adolescence I was OBSESSED with kissing. I had never been kissed, but I watched a ridiculous amount of movies and television and I was convinced that kissing was like, the most awesome thing that could happen to you. I assumed it was basically like the movies – very dramatic, your favorite song is playing, etc.

Well once I got kissed I realized that wasn’t actually the case for me. I couldn’t shake all those movie kisses and I started to wonder if maybe I was just the worst at kissing ever. However, as I continued to watch more movies and TV, I began to realize that there’s a whole bunch of people in the entertainment world who I definitely think are worse at kissing than me. I mean, let me present some of the gnarly mouth and tongue action that’s going on.

Mary Katherine Gallagher in Superstar

I once recreated this moment to be funny (yeah, I don’t know) and the kiss was not pleasant my friends.
Britta Perry and Jeff Winger in Community

Mmmmmmm. The fact that this happened mid-class only adds to the awfulness.
Pauly D and Deena on Jersey Shore

Yikes. I think that’s a kiss?
Charlotte and Brad on Sex And The City

There’s a reason why his IMDB credit is “Brad the Bad Kisser.”
Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock

Extended closed mouth kiss + partial eye roll + grimacing face = a kiss I think we all can do much better than.
Johnny Depp in Cry Baby

Okay, so I haven’t seen this movie but based on this GIF kiss selection, I’m really not feeling the tongue stylings of the usually very appealing Mr. Depp.
Harry Potter in the Harry Potter movies

Ginny all into it. Harry… just kinda standing there. I do cut him some slack though for having other things on his mind at this moment like saving the wizarding world.
Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation

Okay now, so I’m not saying he needs to kiss a dog like he would a fellow human, but who has such a grumpy face when an adorable puppy is giving you kisses??? That’s bad kissing etiquette in my book (and my dog told me she agrees).

In all seriousness, the important thing to remember is that kissing can be fun and if you and your kissing buddy are enjoying it, don’t stress yourself out! If you are planning to replicate any of the kisses above, just make sure the person on the receiving end of this kiss is cool with it – an unexpected tongue bath on their face may not exactly be their idea of a good time.

Have you ever been part of a really bad kiss? What is the worst kiss you’ve ever seen in a movie? Have you ever been grossed out by someone’s kissing in real life? Tell us in the comments!

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