How To Ask A Guy Out (Without Embarrassing Yourself!)

how to ask a guy out

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A lot of girls ask us whether or not it’s okay for a girl to ask a guy out, and our answer is always the same. Of course it’s okay for you to ask a guy out, silly! We don’t live in the stone ages, and who doesn’t like knowing that someone wants to hang out with them (and maybe smooch a little?!).

But if you’ve never made the first move, it can be scary to ask a guy out for the first time. There’s always the risk of rejection (wish I could protect you from that totally, but I can’t), but you’ll never know if you don’t go for it, girl!

So, here’s how to ask a guy out. When you’re talking to him, mention an upcoming event–like a school football game or the opening of the ice skating rink in town–and say you were thinking of going on a specific day, would he want to go with you and maybe hang out afterward?

If he says he’s busy that day or that he’s not into ice skating, don’t suggest something else or another day. If he likes you and wants to go out with you, believe me, he’ll suggest something else. If he doesn’t, just say “Okay, well, if you want to hang out some other time, let me know,” and then just drop it. Rejection sucks, but it’s way easier for both of you if he just has to say he’s busy that day instead of saying he doesn’t like you that way . . . right? Right.

Another big tip? Absolutely, under no circumstances, ask him to go to something super big, like an NFL football game or to see his favorite band in concert. If you’re like, “Hey, Joey–I got tickets to the Giants game this weekend. Want to go?,” he might say yes just to go see his favorite football team. . . not because he likes you. And that? Well, that’s not what you want at all.

Have you ever thought you might ask a guy out? Did you act on it? Tell us what happened in the comments!

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  • Kayla

    I liked my classmate cuz he flirted with me in class. His playful touch and his joke really concern me, but then I started to fall for him. After our final exam, he didn’t text me at all and I missed him like crazy. I decided to text him and said “hey wanna hang? all of my friends left me for their own vacation, and now I am so bored.” He replied “I am sorry that you’re lonely and bored, but I am busy with work nowadays”. I was so sad so I replied him back”it’s okay I know you don’t wanna see me”. He ignored my text after that. And now I am moving on. I felt like an idiot btw

  • MMBH1998

    I really like this guy and can’t stop thinking about him, he’s in one of my classes and I always catch him looking at me then looks away really quickly again, last week he had music and invited me to go to the music room at lunch time and it was just the two of us in the whole block in a tiny room, we talked and talked and it seemed like only 5 minutes when in reality it was 30 minutes. To be honest I’m scared of rejection, last time I asked a guy out that REALLY didn’t end well at all so I’m just afraid the same thing might happen and he’s also a really nice guy who i want to stay friends with without making things extremely awkward :/

  • kpmm

    I like this boy and want to ask him out and he is my nabor I don’t know if I spelled that right but I always get so scared so should I invite him to my birthday party?

  • Bailey

    I really want to ask this guy out I have liked him for over a year and I cant seem to
    get him out of my head . I really want to ask we talk allot and he seems to flirt with me when we do . I always caught him looking at me during classes but I’m terrified of him saying no and not giving a good solid reasoning to it . What do you think ?

  • JustDMarie

    There’s this guy that’s in my Fine Arts class (at the moment, it’s IT) and he’s always hanging out with me and my BFF. Just in about 45 minutes, he came up to me about 5 times, just to see what I was doing and to say hi o///o I also keep catching him staring at me/my friend (Since we always sit beside each other, I’m not 100% sure who he’s looking at). he also says hi to me if he sees me around school… I got a itzy bitzy crush on him too :3

  • DesiHeart

    Yeah been there done that, but I was rejected. Could it have been tht I asked him Erin or would that have anything to do with it?

  • GG

    I used the “you come to me if you wanna hangout” thing after he said he was busy. HE DIDNT, so i said see ya. Easiest way to figure out if hes into it. New guy: I asked him out, but let him choose what we did, and i knew he was into it because he chose a movie, and let me pick which one. We worked together on it all I had to do was instigate it. 🙂