Yet Another Reason To Never Take Naked Pictures

naked pictures

Naked pictures were risky already, but now sending them got a whole lot scarier. | Source: Shutterstock

We’ve told you time and again that taking and sending naked pictures is a bad idea. And it just became a worse one.

Professional douchebag and “revenge porn” curator Hunter Moore is back. You may have heard of his old website, IsAnyoneUp, which had people send naked pictures of their exes in, usually without the naked person’s consent. You’re probably like, “But wait! That’s illegal!”

Not necessarily. Obviously if you’re a minor, there are a lot of legal repercussions, but if you’re over 18, Hunter Moore has a whole bunch of legal loopholes to protect him from lawsuits or jail time. (We did mention he’s a douchebag, right? Because he is.) And if you’re under 18 and post the photos yourself, you can get in trouble for distributing child porn. Sounds not-so-fun, right?

Hunter Moore sets up his site so that whoever posts the naked pictures on it–usually a vindictive psycho ex–is the one who can get sued, and he generally coasts scott-free despite providing a service to make lives miserable. Here’s where it gets even scarier: In an interview about his new site (we’re not even going to give the URL for it, because the whole thing is disgusting, disturbing, and not worth your time), he actually said he’d provide a mapped photo of the addresses of whoever’s naked pictures were on the site. He later took it back and said he was “drunk and coked up,” but um, either way: Bad news bears. (And do you really want to support the work of someone who conducts professional interviews when they’re wasted and on illegal drugs?)

The fact is, even if you don’t actually send anyone naked pictures, it doesn’t mean strangers won’t see them. What happens if you lose your phone or your laptop gets stolen? And what about people who can hack into your phone? They exist, and they’re freaky. There are a lot of sick people out there, though perhaps not so sick and sociopathic as Hunter Moore–and trust us, those will be the people who snag and send your naked pictures. And what’s even worse is, if you try to penalize them for sending out naked pictures you never wanted anyone else to see, guess what happens? More people–law enforcement, your parents, lawyers–will see them.

You’re hot. You know that. You don’t need to prove it to anyone by snapping naked pictures of yourself or anyone else. If you wouldn’t want your dad or cops to see them–or a giant douche nozzle like Hunter Moore–naked pictures are really, really not worth it.

Have you ever sent or received naked pictures? Do you know anyone whose naked pictures showed up on IsAnyoneUp? Would you ever send an ex’s naked pictures out? Tell us in the comments!

No, seriously. Naked pictures are a really, really bad idea.

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