Don’t Get Any Tattoo Ideas From This Guy

bad tattoo ideas zayn malik of one direction adds to his tattoos

THIS is Zayn’s new tattoo. Really, Zayn?! REALLY?! | Source: Facebook

If you’re trying to think of tattoo ideas, I’d keep a few things in mind: Tattoos last forever (unless you have them removed, which is painful and still kind of leaves a mark), and you’ll be judged and mocked wildly if you get a bad tattoo that other people might make fun of.

Case in point? Zayn Malik of One Direction just got the stupidest looking tattoo ever. I don’t know Zayn or anything, but I like 1D, and I think Zayn seems cool, but clearly he must not have had any good tattoo ideas when he got his latest ink. It’s a weird, cartoony picture of a palm tree next to the word “chillin” written in bubble letters. BUBBLE LETTERS, YOU GUYS! And it says, “chillin!” Like that’s super meaningful or deep or something. ASKDJFADSFK!!!!!!

I knew a guy in high school who was really into tattoos, but then instead of taking the time to really think through tattoo ideas, he just picked one off the wall of the tattoo parlor and got the Tazmanian Devil yelling and slobbering on his arm. We were all like, “Yeah, man. That tattoo. That’s hot,” but I don’t think a single one of us really meant it. By the time we got to college, everyone was making fun of it to his face. Ouch.

I hope Zayn doesn’t suffer the same fate as my friend. And as for you, if you’re getting a tattoo? Maybe take your time to think of something a little more meaningful than “chillin!”

What do you think of Zayn’s new tattoo? What tattoo ideas have you been thinking about? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Julie

    I luv those 5 guys to death! Don’t go talking bad about my zayney poo poo! Chillen with palm trees is much better than like a curse word or a naked woman! What’s so wrong with it? Stop posting the stupid stuff and GET A LIFE!

  • mady

    He got a tat. It’s cool still, I mean its his body, would anyone like to be talked shit about . Ya , so don’t talk shit abour someone u don’t know, even if u think u do

  • Renni

    First of all, don’t diss on anybody’s tattoo if you personally don’t know them. Zayn has said that all of his tattoos are meaningful to him. I am close with dozens of tattoo artists and they’ve seen some crazy tattoos that don’t look it, but are very important to the person getting it.

  • delicious13

    When I first saw the picture, I thought it was a picture of a palm tree next to a large intestine! 🙂 what a horrible tattoo.

  • Destyni

    It’s that stupid. Tats are permanent. If your gonna get something permanently drawn on ur body and in his case are famous, get something other people will look at and not be like Really?

  • Ashley

    people are too damn judgemental these days! people are gonna do what they want and i’m sure they don’t give a damn about anything anyone has to say…i think people that have the balls to do what they want are more brave and confident than anyone else and are true individualists…let the haters keep hating–they just keep making those ppl they hate on famous 🙂

  • Cassandra

    Maybe his tattoo is meaningful to him. How could you possibly know? Also, it doesn’t look that stupid.

    • Freya

      I like you.

    • puppyluvahh

      I absolutely agree with you! Maybe it’s meaningful to him, it could represent something important in his life! And, like you said, it honestly doesn’t look bad. Stop hating…seriously! 🙂