Do We Really All Want Super Masculine Manly Men?

Harry Styles Chris Hemsworth manly masculine

People assume Harry Styles isn’t manly because he might not fix his own computer–but if Chris Hemsworth doesn’t either, does that mean Thor himself isn’t masculine either? WTF? | Source: WENN

A lot of us are crushing on Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction, with their impeccable hair and adorbs matching suits–but it turns out, a new study says most of us actually prefer more manly, masculine dudes. In our minds, it conjured images of Chris Hemsworth and the like. But what does that actually mean?

First off, the study doesn’t even go into a guy’s dress, looks, or attitudes in terms of what defines him as manly or masculine. The whole thing was based on a survey by computer upgrade specialists. No, seriously.

According to the women survey in the study, some of the qualifications of macho, masculine, manly men include being able to work on cars and computers. Um, hello? That has nothing to do with how manly a guy is. It just means, well, he’s good with cars and computers. Guess what? So are a lot of girls. Does that mean they’re masculine? No! It just means they’re mechanically and technologically savvy.

It’s sort of a bummer that nearly half of the women surveyed said it should be a guy’s job to work on cars and fix computers, because it’s an attitude that sells everyone short. By pegging those activities as masculine, it potentially shuts out a lot of women and girls who may be awesome at them from wanting to necessarily pursue it for fear of being perceived as manly. And if a guy is good at other things–like communicating and treating you well–who cares whether or not he can handle your hard drive?

Think of it this way: If a study said that if you can’t cook and hate vacuuming it made you less feminine, that would be pretty sexist on top of totally false, right? So if a guy likes to dress well and tousle his hair a little more than he likes scanning your laptop for viruses or rotating his tires, it doesn’t mean he’s not manly or masculine. It just means he has things more important to him than cars and computers. Like you!

Do you think working on cars and computers makes a guy more masculine? Do you think upgrading your hard drive is a “manly” job? What do you think constitutes a masculine, manly guy? Tell us in the comments!

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  • CJ

    It’s not that he’s not manly because he doesn’t know how to fix his own computer or cars for that matter. If that was the case than I’ve been the boy in my family for as long as I can possibly fathom. The point is is that Harry Styles is pretty. Not masculinely, ruggedly pretty. But just…. girly looking. If I’m judging from a man’s appearance, whether I would like to date him or not I would look for a guy that looks like he can pick me up throw me over his shoulder and rough house with me a little bit. I don’t want some pretty man who is so damn pretty his lips gloss naturally. My rule of thumb when it comes to that is that he can’t be prettier than me. Harry Styles is DEFINITELY prettier than me.

  • Mel

    All gender roles are old fashioned and false generalizations.
    As for the title question, HELLL NO. I MUCH prefer a feminine guy. Like, MUCH prefer.

    And I’d like to point out that there are plenty of women that don’t like men at all and the study should include the little fact that these were straight women being asked (if indeed they were. Any accurate test should take in all variables.)

    • Mike

      You wanted the study to ask whether a lesbian likes her men more masculine or not? I really don’t think they give a shit.