The Walking Dead Has A Sexy Zombies Bikini Calendar?!

The Walking Dead zombies bikini calendar

This is as scary as The Walking Dead bikini calendar gets. WTF is the point? | Source: YouTube

Full disclosure: I’m a pretty rabid fan of The Walking Dead. I read the comics and kept up with all the zombies religiously. You know how it comes on twice in a row? I watch it twice in a row, then cozy up for Talking Dead right after. I live-tweet it. I turn off my phone when it’s on. I analyze the writing with pals. I have the board game. I want to own a katana. I always fill my gas tank in case of an outbreak of zombies. I trained myself to run faster; I have superior aim and survival skills. Now that it’s on a mid-season hiatus until February, I’m more than content to hibernate through Christmas and New Year’s until then–since I know there’s no threat of zombies attacking.

That said, when I heard there was a Walking Dead themed bikini calendar, even though I’m a straight chick, I figured it’d be pretty interesting. I pictured zombies in bikinis, basically, which would be sort of creepy and hilarious at the same time–think the bicycle chick in swimwear.

Except it’s none of those things at all.

In a behind-the-scenes look at the bikini calendar’s creation, it’s just a bunch of regular bikini calendar shots–except the girls have flesh wounds. They’re not “walkers” (as the zombies are called in the show), they’re not survivors–they’ve clearly been bitten, so they wouldn’t survive for long. They’re just scantily clad and bleeding. Does anyone else see an issue with this?

There are no zombies in sight at all in the calendar, nor are there camps, weapons, storage, ragtag militias. There’s just bloody girls in bikinis, lying around in no apparent agony. Where are all the walkers who bit them? Why do they look so calm? They’re on the beach–can zombies swim? If not, why aren’t there shots of them fashioning a raft, luring them to the ocean with a 20-piece box of chicken nuggets, and then racing back to land to grab crossbows? How did they get rug burn from sand? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Most importantly, where are Michonne and Daryl Dixon in all this? If we want to talk about sexy ass kicking scenes with zombies, you can’t beat these two fan favorites. But you can definitely beat this calendar. Seriously. It’s more useless than Lori Grimes in season 2.

Do you think The Walking Dead bikini calendar is a good idea? Who’s your favorite character on The Walking Dead? How do you think The Walking Dead bikini calendar could be improved? Tell us in the comments!

How will we survive the zombie apocalypse without these?!

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  • Angela

    These girls just look all bruised and battered. If anything it should be a calender for violence against women, not a walking dead. I do think its a very good idea and would be interesting if they had made the girls more decrepit and decaying rather than semi cut up and bruised. And the setting of a city rather than a typical beach would have been nice. I think if you take an idea like this it needs to be big or dont even try.

  • Taylor

    I would be more willing to buy it if it was FULL ON ZOMBIE GIRLS in bikinis!!!!

  • Amalia

    Don’t get me wrong I LOVE TWD!!!! But come on!!! A zombie bikini calender?! TWD isn’t about Girls in bikinis. It’s about a group of people trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. If they’re gonna make a calender have the actual characters in their like Michoone or Daryl or Rick or Andrea!!!

  • Coco

    And to Lea… don’t worry Daryl will live. It’s Daryl. 😉

  • Coco

    Dang, this could have been such a cool funny calender! Like imagine full on zombies hanging around in bikinis, or like a chick with arrows in her striking a pose! they have such amazing makeup artists they could have made this sooo awesome! But, of course, they had to make it lame.

  • Valdvemir

    At first I thought the use of the emaciated girls was for a good zombie look.
    This calender sucks.

  • Mary

    Am I the only one who finds it a bit creepy? I mean if you want a bikini calender that’s cool, but why do the girls have to be covered in wounds? It seems like something a serial killer would buy, not a fan of the TWD, cause it has nothing to do with the show other than the title.

  • Amanda C.

    This isn’t the walking dead. It looks like someone beat them up and that’s it. If they want to use the walking dead then they need to make them look like a zombie at least a little in the face. Like the little girl in the first episode.

  • Remy

    I agree with the other comments I think this is a great idea, just add more male models or at least the actual characters in this calendar, such as Michonne or Glenn would be pretty epic. Also, make it more zombie like, sexy models don’t look too zombiesque

  • Faye

    Looks more like a calendar of sexy domestic abuse victims then zombies! It just looks wrong!

  • LittleRedWolf

    Wow, yeah, what a cheap marketing ploy. I don’t watch the show, but I understand it well enough to know that this basically has nothing to do with TWD. If they want to do a sexy swimsuit calendar, go ahead, they already exist, but they’re upfront about what they are. Don’t put a bit of movie makeup and slap ‘The Walking Dead’ on the cover and try to market it to the real fans of the show. (Now, if they did put full on zombies in bikinis, that would have been hilarious).

  • Lea

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE TWD!!!! But this calendar seems only for guys so they should but some guys in it! Definitely Daryl <3 him!!! I am suffering until feburary! I hope Daryl will live so he could be in season 4!!! Ahhhh love walking dead!!!!