Kristen Stewart Is Not One Of 2012’s Biggest Heroes

kristen stewart is not one of my 2012 heroes

Nothing against Kristen, but this list is whack. | Source: WENN

Who are your heroes of 2012? We’re talking the most inspiring people of the year. I think there are almost too many to count. People who risked their lives rescuing people from Hurricane Sandy. Hillary Clinton for just being such a bad ass and taking care of business around the world. Even Gabby Douglas for making super big history at the Olympics. To me, those people are all major heroes.

That’s why I was sort of surprised to read that Kristen Stewart was listed in E!’s list of the Top Ten Most Inspiring Stars of 2012. Really? Kristen Stewart? I mean, she’s okay, but one of the 10 biggest heroes? I was confused. Then I read on and I was even more confused. Homegirl didn’t do any secret philanthropy or anything like that, she’s just getting recognition for fessing up to cheating on R-Patz instead of denying it. WHAT?! I mean, that’s a good love lesson–one of the best of 2012, we think, but it certainly doesn’t make her a hero in my book.

Maybe the writer of that story was under pressure to add more glitzy celebs to the roundup, but even still, they could have gone for Emma Watson who delivered food to people in need when she was in New York earlier this year, or any other celeb who’s donated money or done good work. I mean, didn’t Lady Gaga just do a big project with UNICEF? I don’t like her that much, but I think that’s more notable than Kristen Stewart’s apology.

K-Stew gets a lot of flack for being mopey, not wearing high heels, whatever–I’m not trying to add to that. It’s not her fault that some idiot named her one of the most inspiring heroes of 2012, and I seriously doubt even she thinks she belongs on that list!

What do you think? Would you list Kristen Stewart as one of your heroes? Who are your biggest heroes? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Moniee

    I think its understandable…it takes a lot for someone in the public eye like that to admit something so embarrassing and career yeah, she’s an inspiration to those with a guilty conscionce…Like an Honesty Activist

  • Kate

    I would vote Emma Watson as my hero! I would never vote Kristen Stewart as my hero, or my anything for that matter… 🙁