Are You and Your Boyfriend Going To Break Up Next Month?

January is a time of new beginnings. You know, resolutions, goals, dreams to be fulfilled, a new you… all of that good stuff. But is it also a time when relationships end? Um, sort of… maybe?

Apparently, January is National Breakup Month, and I have to admit that while that sounds sort of silly and stupid, it also made me feel just a teensy bit nervous at first. National Breakup Month?! What does that MEAN? Where did that come from?! Why is it a real thing?

But after I had a mini panic attack and reevaluated my whole relationship in my head, I calmed down a little bit and did some research before I alerted all of my friends. Yes, January is considered National Breakup Month. Why? According to, six out of ten couples will breakup during the month of January. But this isn’t because that month is cursed or anything weird like that – it’s probably just because people are thinking a little differently.

It sort of makes sense when you really think about it: like I said before, January is a month of new beginnings, a fresh start. It’s kind of the perfect time to ditch a person you may feel is holding you back or not making you happy enough. A new year might feel like the best time to be single or to look for a new relationship.

Another reason January gets this very sad honor is because of it’s timing. Once January rolls around, the holiday season is officially over. And, really, who dumps someone during the holidays? Not a lot of people (this is a reason October has also been dubbed National Breakup Month – people are getting the dumping over with before the holidays begin). The person doing the January dumping probably figures that they can’t break up with their significant other during a time like the holidays… so why not prolong the inevitable and wait until afterwards?

The Daily Mail says that one of the reasons could be that people are suffering from a winter version of cabin fever. In most places, January is cold and dreary and not the month you spend hanging in the sun, so a lot of people suffer from a sort of seasonal depression and get bored and stressed and irritable. This causes them to make decisions like ending things with their BF/GF who they’ve been seeing only in the artificial light of their bedroom.

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And yet another reason may be the impending doom of Valentine’s Day. While a lot of people claim they don’t want to be single on that awful (sorry, I hate it) day, a lot of other people don’t want to share it with someone they don’t really love.

So, yeah, I guess it makes sense that January is National Breakup Month. But does that mean it’s going to happen to you and your sweetie? I’m going to go ahead and say that your relationship is only going to end come 2013 if it’s supposed to. It’s not going to end simply because it’s National Breakup Month. It’s going to end if one person is having doubts, feels unhappy or simply falls out of love. You know, the usual reasons a breakup ends. If it’s going to happen, you’ve probably seen the signs: more fighting, maybe a little avoidance, maybe just a sense that things are different.

One thing I will say you should look out for is holiday stress. There are a million reasons you and your partner may feel extra stressed out in December, and you just need to keep that in mind. Don’t let that aggravation get in the way of your relationship (and you can try some of our tips for relaxing!). Don’t take your stress out on each other!

In the end, the main thing to keep in mind is this: if you feel like your relationship needs to end, don’t drag it out just because you don’t want to be alone on Christmas Eve. There’s no reason to be fear being single, and really, the more you put it off, the harder it’s going to be. You’re not doing yourself, or your significant other, any favors by waiting until the new year. It may seem cruel to end a relationship around the holiday season, but let’s think about it: is there ever a good time to end a relationship? Not really. It hurts whether it happens in December or in June. So, if you’re the one putting off a necessary breakup, don’t. Give January a reason to be a little happier than National Breakup Month, okay?

Have you ever had a relationship end in January? Would you wait until after the holidays to dump someone? Do you think this is a lame month? Tell us in the comments. 


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    I can not believe I have come across this. I have been thinking if ending my relationship as feel I would be less stressed without him. However I look at him listen to the souls of his voice and love him. My life would be so much easier without him as he has problems with his ex and their children together constantly and I don’t have any of these sort of issues. I am having trouble at the moment connecting to him but do feel in my heart that I do love him although he has nothing to offer me other than stress. Hopefully that will resolve in time

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