So What’s So Special About A French Kiss?

Smooch! So, we all know what a kiss is. It’s nice (if it’s with the right person), and you can even get one from your grandma without getting icked out. A French kiss is, well, kind of different. For starters, you do NOT want a French kiss from your grandma, and although they can be more than nice, they can also be downright disastrous if with the wrong person (or with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing!).

The French kiss is basically just an open-mouthed kiss where either your tongue or the other persons tongue touches the other person’s lips or goes inside their mouth. Having just written out that definition, I have to say, a French kiss sounds pretty gross when you talk about it–but it can be great when you’re doing it (kind of like eating peanut butter straight out of the jar with a plastic spoon, you know?).

The main tricks to French kissing I think are that you shouldn’t be too forceful, you shouldn’t go too fast, and if you notice the other person doesn’t seem into it? Stop!

And . . . if you’re wondering if the French kiss is called a French kiss in France? It’s not. It’s just called “embrasser avec la langue” or literally “kiss with tongue.” I prefer our version, personally. It makes me think of croissants and mysterious men in berets. Oui, oui!

Have you ever had a French kiss? Ever had a BAD French kiss? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  • Moonshine

    My first kiss was a french kiss and it was great! I had expected that we would kiss that night but not a french kiss. This happened about 2 months ago I was thinking that we would kiss because the last time we were together he texted me and said he would have liked kissing me. We were laying down together and then he asked if he could kiss me I said yes so we kissed and I’m really glad we did! French kisses are great!!!

  • FruityVajayjay

    My first french kiss was awesome. This guy and i went at it for about 20 min and uggh it was so freaking hot. Then i got laid because he wanted to fu_k and he invited his friend over and they both fu_ked me in my vajayjay

  • Julia

    My first French kiss was about two months ago… It was amazing, touchy feely, and romantic. Exactly how they describe it. He pressed me back suddenly against the boardwalk and we were all intertwined, went at it for a while it felt that nice… <3 then a friend started beating him with a stick really bad lmao :S funn!!

  • Kira

    Haha well my first kiss was a French kiss.. I was at a dance of another school and dancing with a really nice guy, who then just french kissed me at some point.. I thought I did really badly cuz he didn’t do it again for a while but then he did. It wasn’t amazing, but it was kinda fun and I don’t regret it happened, in fact I’m kinda glad. I don’t think the guy expected him to have been my first kiss, and he shall never know. 😛

  • Luce

    My first kiss was a french kiss, and it was amazing lol. In the cinemas and we both were ready. It was great, and we done it a few more times on that day haha. It was good.

  • Nyla

    My first French kiss was wonderful! The room was completely dark, and he was “toying” with me the whole time. We really got into it, we were pressed up against eachother so hard it was magical. It wasnt awkward then, or afterwards either. And it come so naturally by surprise! I was so scared, I was like OMG what do I do?! But it just came so natural! I just mirrored him, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how lovely it was

  • Kandi

    Omg, I may or may not sound like a freak, but French kissing is freaking amazing. There’s rarely a time when I’m kissing someone and it doesn’t turn into a French kiss. There’s something so meaningful and romantic about a French kiss that you don’t get from a little peck. <3

  • krikae

    See we have a problem. We think French kissing is weird…mostly because we’re clueless as to what we should do. We don’t even know if we’re bad at it or our boyfriend’s are. HELP!? PLEASE.

  • Savannah

    OMG, I had the worst experience ever. It was me and my ex-boyfriends first date. We were at the movies. It was the end of the credits and he asked me if he could kiss me. (Super lame.) Then he went on to actually do it, and it was horrible. You could SO tell he was super inexperienced. He sat there for like ten minutes shoving his tounge down my throat. (Gross!) He was so sloppy and forceful! Whenever I’d try to pull away, he kept pushing my head in. Needless to say that relationship didnt last long.

  • victoria

    This cute guy from my english class never kissed before and he wanted me to be his first so i said okay, and when we were kissing he was doing it far too fast so i tried to slow it down and i think he then got the hint because he calmed down, have to say wasnt the best kiss ever haha

  • Kim

    My first french kiss was a total train wreck. I thought they were gross after that until I kissed someone who knew what he was doing. Now…almost every time I kiss someone it turns French c;

  • Imara

    I just recently had my first french kiss with a guy. Maybe it was just him but he was really good and gentle, don’t give up! It’s awkward no matter who you do it with the first time, because, well at least for me, I wasn’t sure what to do wth my tongue but eventually you get the hang of it. (I’m still really bad but he’s encouraging!) Good luck inding a good kisser ladies!

  • Laura

    My first french kiss experience sucked. LITERALLY. He practically ate my face off. I went into the bathroom after and cried… it was that bad.

    • basschick

      i am so sorry!!!

  • Anonymous

    My first french kiss experience was with this guy that sucked. LITERALLY. He practically ate my face. I went in the bathroom after and started crying… it was horrible.

  • Abbie

    You have to have the right guy to truly enjoy a French Kiss. I first thought a French Kiss would be weird and awkward, but as long as your both into it I think they are great 🙂

  • Meri

    Yes i have had horrible french kisses. Because of my ex, i started litteraly hating kisses but once i kissed my now boyfriend and i love them sooo much. I guess it just depends the person and if they know how to kiss.

  • Breezy

    My very first kiss was a french kiss and im scarred for life. Its been 3 years since my first and only kiss and im still trying to get over it. I guess i just wasnt ready because it seriously grossed me out!

    • sarah022

      try a normal kiss with someone u love (boyfriend) and u will sea

  • Riley

    I had an awful French Los once with this guy I barely knew and definitely didn’t like. It was sloppy and forceful. Eww. Bad memories.