Is Your Cheese Having Sex?

Is your blue cheese having sex?

Get a room, you guys! Eew! | Source: Shutterstock

I typically don’t like blue cheese. If it’s not that strong, I can stomach it sometimes, but the really pungent ones can actually make me gag. Like, as in, I’m at a fancy restaurant with my boyfriend, I take a bite of cheese, and suddenly am making embarrassing I’m-About-To-Vomit-On-You noises across the table. This has happened more than once. Really attractive, I know.

So, naturally, when abovementioned boyfriend saw this freaky article about blue cheese, he had to send it to me. There’s a reason why blue cheese is so nasty . . . and that’s because the cheese is actually having sex! Like, it’s having sex while you eat it! If you’re like, “Whaaaaaat?! Cheese can’t have sex!,” you’re kind of right, and kind of wrong.

Here’s the deal: the “blue” in blue cheese is fungus, you know, like mold that grows in your shower (although I definitely wouldn’t suggest eating that!). Fungus is, to put it bluntly, alive. It eats, it breathes, it grows. No, it doesn’t have it’s own Facebook page or watch TV, but apparently–according to super smart scientists–it does have sex.

Scientists used to think that the kind of fungus in blue cheese wasn’t having sex at all, that it was reproducing asexually without coming together with another sexy fungus to make fungus babies . . . but that’s all wrong! The fungus in blue cheese is actually having sex even as it enters your mouth on a cracker!

If you love blue cheese, just think of it as the most romantic cheese out there. As for me, I’m just calling it gross.

Do you love blue cheese? What do you think about your cheese having sex? Creepy or kind of cool? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Indigo

    Well, when you put it like that, it sounds gross. But moldy cheese by itself is gross. And just cheese is gross. It’s milk… that gets bacteria and cultures injected into it. On that topic, so is alcohol. Besides being toxic, alcohol is fermented grapes/wheat. Ew. Then again, most of the things we eat are gross (eating animal flesh submerged in fire?) Also, I don’t think reproduction is gross. Obviously any both-gender species must “have sex” as you put it because how else would they survive? On a science show, I saw two flies mating. So that was weird/gross. It doesn’t matter if mold is having sex or not- it’s still mold.

    • Raven

      Bacteria can’t have sex, it doesn’t have genitals. It’s just reproducing.

  • kyla

    That is so crazy, I LOVE blue cheese. But now I will be thinking about this every time I eat it haha