Some Dude Unwisely “Advises Guys To Take Caution” When A Girl Has Her Period

when a girl has her period

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John Corrigan, a student at Temple University, apparently thought it would be a good idea to write an article about dealing with his girlfriend when she has her period. Maybe this could have been cool if it wasn’t really immature and offensive to girls everywhere, but it was, so it actually just comes off as a bunch of stereotypes grouped together to make an article.

The article starts off with this gem – John explaining what it’s like to wake up next to a girl who has just gotten her period: “Lifting my head from my drool-stained pillow, I stare in the face of a lion’s roar. The agony, the torture, the fading chances of satisfying my morning wood… no! It’s back.”

It goes on to explain what you should do around your GF during this time of the month: “Since you can’t prevent the pain, you have to remain cautious around your agonizing girlfriend. Accept that you will be automatically loathed simply because you are a man. You will repeatedly hear that you don’t know how it feels – you don’t have a vagina and she will basically blame you for having a Y chromosome.”

Ugh, don’t even get me started on this. Or, wait, do, because I have some issues with it. A) The thought that a girl would act like that is a total generalization. We don’t get our periods and turn into robots. B)I’m sorry that “satisfying your morning wood” isn’t on the top of our priority list every day. C) Guys really don’t know how getting your period feels, but that’s besides the point. 

Yes, I get it, this was meant to be taken as a joke. But seriously? I am so sick of guys running scared when a girl has her a period. We have cramps, we’re a little extra emotional and we might complain a little bit more than usual. But we’re not about to murder you or handcuff you to your bed while we scream at you for getting us Dove chocolate instead of Hershey’s. Get over yourselves! Don’t be such babies. Deal with it and stop acting like it’s such a problem for you.

I will readily admit that I am a little more hard to deal with during that time of the month. Once I cried because my boyfriend said something really sweet and confused the hell out of him and once I picked a fight with him over his cat. And a few hours later, I felt really stupid. But I get really bad PMS and I feel like the hormones from my new birth control pill sometimes make me even more emotional (although I could be wrong about that). Not every girl gets mopey, sad or irrationally angry the entire time she has her period. It affects us all in different ways, so don’t group us together like that.

And what does my BF do when I’m feeling more moody than usual? He ignores it and treats me like he would treat me any other day. He doesn’t complain when I tell him I have my period, he doesn’t make fun of me and he definitely doesn’t compare me to an angry lion. He just takes a deep breath, gives me a hug and tries to cheer me up, just like he would if I were sad any other day of the month.

So how should a guy treat her girlfriend during that time of the month? Not with caution, like John Corrigan so ignorantly writes. A girl doesn’t need special treatment just because she’s bleeding down there. A guy should treat his GF with respect and compassion, be aware of her needs and indulge in a little cuddle time – the same way he would treat her any other day of the year. 

What do you think about John Corrigan’s article? Do you agree that it was offensive to girls? Or do you think it’s just a joke that shouldn’t be taken seriously? How do you want to be treated when you have your period? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Karen

    C’mon!! most guys don’t even notice when girls have their periods! Yes, we get moody, we are in pain but most the time it isn’t an issue.

    I hate the stereotype that we go nuts and our killer instintcs kick in, we’re so emotional we can’t even feed ourselves without bursting into tears… Periods are some days we aren’t as confortable with our bodies (because of cramps, bloating, breasts sensitivity) as the rest of the month, and that’s it.

  • bella89

    The only thing more disgusting than his overuse of the one-sentence paragraph is the following, “Plus, she’s “in the mood.” So take advantage of soothing her aches with a couple pelvic shakes.” I hope all of your future pelvic shakes are alone with hand lotion.

  • Elizabeth

    Your right hand doesn’t count as a girlfriend.

  • Rachel

    Maybe his girlfriend should also write an article on how to deal with his ugly ass face? Just a suggestion.

  • Christine

    They don’t know they’re clueless, so that’s what makes them clue-oooo-less!