It’s Time For A “Twilight” Wedding! (Sort Of)

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The highly anticipated release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is behind us, but there’s some pretty exciting Twilight-related wedding news for us all to get talking about. Now, before you jump to conclusions thinking that Robert Pattinson married Kristen Stewart, let me just say, “No, no, no. That is not it.” Think a little more fictional.

The groom-to-be is Mr. Edward Cullen, who is getting married to a 24-year-old graduate student named Lauren Adkins. As you surely know, the character brought to life on the big screen by handsome actor Robert Pattinson married his fellow fictional love Bella Swan in a magical Breaking Dawn wedding, but it appears Edward’s now found a new love in the real world. “Til death do you part” is a pretty long time, especially when one of you is undead, but that’s not stopping the Twilight vampire and graduate student from seeing this thing through.

If your first reaction to this is, “Wow, that seems completely crazy,” well, that’s sort of the point. As part of her master’s thesis at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Lauren is planning this wedding as a performance piece called “Love is Overtaking Me.” The project is a way to examine people’s attitudes toward female fandom and also how entertainment affects our perception of love.

On her personal website, Lauren describes the project as such: “This work focuses on the female escapist fantasy in its most popular forms—primarily finding “true love”—and the extent to which it seeps into our real lives.” Lauren also goes on to state, “The work is also an exploration of the dismissive, vitriolic, and at times violent attitude of the media and and [sic] the public at large toward female fandom,” listing a few examples of words sometimes associated with female fans including “obsessive” and “psychotic.”

The actual ceremony is happening at a chapel on Jan. 26, 2013 and it’s invite-only (sorry). You can be a part of the wedding reception (also the exhibition’s reception) which will be open March 4-8, 2013 at UNLV. This is no thrown-together Vegas wedding, people! Lauren’s been getting press coverage for her performance project, and she said on her website that she plans to include media responses in her final analysis.

I have had a fake boyfriend or two in my day (I’ll always love you, Jack Dawson), and while I have no plans to take things to a fake wedding level, I am really intrigued by Lauren’s wedding. I’m a huge movie and television nut, and I probably don’t even fully realize all the ways that my entertainment consumption affects how I view or act within my real-world relationships. Plus, being part of a fandom like Twilight can be a lot of fun and can definitely give you a sense of identity and belonging, so I think Lauren is really onto something about not attacking women for choosing to identify with these groups. To each their own, I say!

Now I’m just kind of hoping that news breaks about cardboard cut-out Bella Swan being snubbed from the invite list or the actual living breathing Robert Pattinson accepting an invitation. Wait, what if real life Robert Pattinson married cardboard cut-out Lauren Adkins in a dual Vegas wedding ceremony? Okay, I think I’m getting away from the point of the project now so I’ll just stop.

What do you think about Lauren’s performance art piece? Do you consider yourself a part of female fandom? Are there any characters (Twilight or otherwise) you would want to marry? Let us know in the comments!

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