Should You Put Crystals In Your Vagina?!

crystals in your vagina

Cosmo thinks you might put crystals in your vagina. Okay. | Source: ShutterStock

It’s hard to fill up a few hundred pages of the same body image destroying photos, male deferment relationship advice, catty confessionals, and recycled sex tips every month, but Cosmo has taken it to a whole other level with a new article on their website: It lists ways to decorate your vagina. As if that weren’t ridiculous enough in itself, the specific stuff they had listed ranged from weird to plain horrifying.

Aside from just odd stuff like anti-aging treatments for vaginas (no, seriously), pubic hair designs (whatever), pubic wigs (called merkins–uh, wtf) vagina blush (apparently that’s a thing now?), there are also some pretty painful sounding procedures. Cosmo reported that women are getting things implanted in their vaginas to “improve” the texture. Some of these things included crystals to “increase energy.”

Wait, what? WTF? Who? Why? Why do you need rocks in your vagina? What’s going on?

New York Magazine did a little investigative work of their own and found that, hey! Women actually aren’t doing that.

For the love of Niall Horan, your vagina looks fine. Seriously. Your vagina doesn’t need bleach, a lacefront weave, a face, or any “more energy,” and whoever says that it does probably just needs more medication. Your vagina doesn’t need rocks shoved up, in, or around it (dude, wouldn’t that hurt?). The best thing you can do for your vagina is to leave it alone.

The second best thing you can do for your vagina? Ignore 99% of what Cosmo says at any given time.

Do you think Cosmo tries too hard? Would you ever consider getting anything implanted in your vagina? Do you think enhancing a vagina is necessary? Tell us in the comments!

What should and shouldn’t you put in your vagina?

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  • GirlyGurl

    Damn, you know something’s serious when you swear on NIALL

  • bryna

    heck ya get me signed up!

  • Katie

    I personally think Cosmo is a load of bull. I can’t have respect for a magazine that’s written for her yet only focuses on ways to please him. What happened to confidence boosters and celebating any kind of independence and empowerment? I’m a believer in crystal healing but I’m not going to shove a chunk of quartz up my vagina, btw.

    • Siera345

      Exactly I know that’s just so dumb I am all for crystal healing but it would hurt so mush to shove aquamarine up ur vag but I guess u cud master ate with crystals I guess

      • Kelly Sciaroni

        You do realize they have smooth stones?

    • Kelly Sciaroni

      If you know about crystal healing you should know about the yoni stone; for this specific purpose. And This is all health developed by women over centuries