How To Handle Any Awkward Moment With Your Ex

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift was honored with the Ripple of Hope Award at the Robert F. Kennedy Center For Justice & Human Rights gala on Monday night. The award honors those who are committed to social change (which is awesome) but getting the award also presented Taylor with a sort of awkward social situation . . . one that she couldn’t change!

Remember how Taylor and Conor Kennedy broke up a couple months back? Well it was actually Conor’s dad, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who presented Taylor with this award. We know that Taylor is a classy girl and that this award goes way beyond who’s dating who–but we still imagine it could have been a teensy bit awkward for her to be up there with her ex-boyfriend’s dad. Right?

It’s usually inevitable that after a breakup you’re going to have to see your ex or their family once in a while–but you don’t have to let that awkward moment spoil your day. Just like her, there’s more to you than your past relationships, so sail on through that awkward moment and get back to living your awesome life.

Here’s how to minimize awkwardness (and drama!) with your ex. You can thank us later!

Have you ever had an awkward moment with an ex-boyfriend? How did you handle it? Have any more advice about how to handle awkward moments like this? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Prashant

    That is why you do it in a public place. The risk of being seen or cahgut is exciting. One person saw no big deal! I am sure he has seen a naked female before. Say sorry and kindly ask for privacy. Then get back to enjoying the time in a new place with your bf. Be comfortable with your body and sexuality. If you never do it again in a similar place, would be sad. As you get older and more open you may actually be turned on by being seen or watched. It happened to me.