Did Victoria’s Secret Make A Line Of Anti-Rape Underwear?

Okay guys, this is really, really weird. Victoria’s Secret might have come out with a line of anti-rape underwear, but they probably didn’t because this whole thing is most likely some sort of strange prank.

Apparently, an email from pr@pinklovesconsent.com was sent out that shows off a brand new line of PINK panties that is very different than anything Victoria’s Secret has ever done. The email says the line “promotes consent to fight rape in new panties.” The undies feature sayings like “No means no,” “Ask first,” “Consent is sexy” and “Listen to what I want.” In other words? Anti-rape underwear. 

A writer who received this email over at Jezebel.com was immediately suspicious. I can’t say I blame her – this is not something I’d ever expect to see come out of VS because, a) I used to work there and I know what kinds of sayings are really on their underwear and b) the site features models of all shapes and sizes (which is awesome) and we all know what a typical VS model looks like. Anyway, she contacted Limited Brands, the company that owns Victoria’s Secret, and they said, “This is not an official PINK campaign,” and they are “looking into it.”

So, um, what? Is this just an incredibly elaborate prank aimed at making Victoria’s Secret look bad? If so, it’s pretty intense. I mean, look at the pinklovesconsent website. It looks completely legit – same font as the official VS website, same style, similar-looking hi-res images of the models. It even links to a Facebook app for the site, there’s a copyright at the bottom and there’s a way to sign up for a newsletter, among many other things. Plus, if this was a total fake, don’t you think VS would have completely shut it down already?

The site doesn’t only offer underwear you can buy. It also includes lots of information about consent, including a call to join the #LoveConsent revolution. Other parts of the site include a Q&A about sex, a game to create your own consent undies and a Then and Now section, which really makes me think this is fake.

That section shows off old PINK underwear compared to these “new” styles. One compares panties that say “No Peeking” to ones that say “No Means No.” Under the “No Peeking” undies, the site states: Across the country, women are saying “NO” and not being heard. Maybe it is because people (men and women alike) think that words like “no” are for flirting and don’t have much meaning. Kinda like the “no” in this “NO PEEKING” pair of PINK underwear. Cute, right? It’s cute when young women sport the word “no” as an invitation. It’s cute when young women learn that pretending to not want sex is a way to flirt. Cute when their partners learn that “no” really means yes. Ouch. That totally just ripped VS apart, although it is true.

But what if it were real – would this be an awesome idea? Although I think it might be a little strange to wear what’s basically like a stop sign over your vagina, I do think this would be a pretty great thing for Victoria’s Secret to do. While I fully admit to loving VS and purchasing all of my undies there, I have to say that some of their PINK panties shock me. I feel like suggestive sayings such as “Unwrap Me” and “Where’s My Gift?” don’t belong on the underwear of the 11-year-old girls who constantly snatch them up. While these “consent” undies won’t actually stop rape, the cool thing would be a huge company like VS supporting such a great cause instead of supporting underwear that isn’t super appropriate for young girls.

If this site is a fake, it looks like someone very convincing is using the Victoria’s Secret name to get a point across. It’s sort of amusing, but at the same time it makes VS look pretty bad. Victoria’s Secret has gotten some pretty bad press lately, between their leaked Photoshop jobs and the controversy over a Native American headdress worn in their infamous fashion show, which actually premieres tonight. You know what would be awesome? If one of the models strutted out onto the runway wearing one of these consent undies. I seriously doubt it will happen, but I would totally applaud if it did.

What do you think about these anti-rape undies? Would you wear them? Do you wish they were legit? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Jillian

    I freaking LOVE this site-!!! It has some really amazing open advice about sex (and not in a taboo way!) that is great for girls to see and learn about. Plus, the models of all the underwear? They look like girls..like, REAL GIRLS, of all different sizes, completely happy with themselves. SO refreshing. SO amazing. This is the future, girls. I so wish this was a real VS campaign. Props to whoever made this!

  • Lauren

    Its not good. Why do people like to sexualize ver serious matters. First breast cancer and now consent. Reminds me of the boobies bracelet.