What You’re Really Thinking When Trying To Get His Attention

Ladies, working to get his attention is a subtle art, one that rarely involves being totally transparently honest. I mean, can you imagine flirting with total honesty? “JAKE LOOK OVER HERE I LOVE YOU!” That’s how I’d sound, at least. Instead, we use sneaky little sayings, imagination tickles, and pretty little lies to get your guy right where you want him! What are some other ways you snag your man’s attention? Leave them in the comments–I’m always looking for new tricks.





When He Calls


She said: Yeah I’ve got the syllabus somewhere in my bag but hey can I call you right back? I just got out of the shower…I’m all wet.









She meant: False. I’m  watching Nashville in sweats and Uggs…but why not let you picture something far more interesting, right??









While Working Out


She said: I’ve been doing yoga all month and I’ve FINALLY mastered the splits!










She meant: Yesssss I am quite flexible, aren’t I? Oh and you just happen to have a small car with a teeny tiny backseat? What a coincidence!










At the Mall


She said: Oh ya know just picking up a few…things…at Victoria’s Secret. NBD. What are you up to?











She meant: I bought a lip gloss but made them give me the extra large bag just so your imagination would run wild!











Accentuating Your Best Features


She said: Hey what do you think of this lip gloss? I just got it…











She meant: And now you’re staring at my plumped, glossy lips. Yes I feel kind of stupid puckering in your face but this is SO gonna be worth it when these lips are on his under the mistletoe!










Using Your Outfit Strategically


She said: Cold? No I’m so hot! In fact, I should probably just take off this sweater…











She meant: Do you think I spent $50 on this Victoria’s Secret push-up so I can sequester it away under some lame sweater? I think it’s time to let my oh-so-low-cut camisole do the talking!











In Class:


She said: Hey do you want to study for the quiz together?










She meant: Okay, so we both know I’m acing this one, but that’s perfect because now I can tune out whatever you’re saying while we study and just stare at your face.












Chatting About Your Weekend


She said: Not much, just grabbed some dinner at this little hole-in-the-wall churrascaria place near–wait you studied abroad in Brazil? Get out! I’m learning Portuguese right now!











She meant: I’m so not doing any of those things. But I am spending hours sifting through your Facebook page and then fabricating my weekend plans accordingly.











The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Get His Attention!

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  • emma burke

    i hate when you are sitting next to the guy and he just stares at you thinking that you dont see him looking at you, but it is also a good thing i guess

    • Ringo

      OMG my crush does that a lot!! But I don’t think he likes me so I’m kinda confused why he would stare at me so much >.<