Do Friends With Benefits Have Safer Sex?

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I remember being kind of annoyed after watching Friends With Benefits that the characters never really talked much about safe sex precautions. In my opinion, movies and television can do a lot to educate people and it seemed like a missed opportunity to bring up safe sex in a totally relevant way. Couldn’t they have thrown in a scene of Jamie and Dylan talking about using a condom? Okay, okay – I know it’s just a movie, not real life.

Well, even if Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake’s characters didn’t spend much screen time thinking about it, it turns out that real-life friends with benefits are clued into the importance of condoms. A new study found that casually sexing duos are more likely to use a condom than those who are engaged in “regular” romantic relationships.

This information comes from a new study by Harvard University that was recently published in the Journal of Sex Research. The 376 survey participants were broken down into one of two groups based on their relationship status. The first was the “traditional romantic relationship” group (which I take to mean you’re officially each other’s boyfriend/girlfriend). The second groups was made up of those who considered themselves part of a friends-with-benefits relationship.

One big finding was that friends with benefits were indeed more likely to use condoms than the “traditional” group. In light of this study, it looks like the “traditional relationship” group should really take a cue from their friendly counterparts when it comes to using a condom. Look, even if you’re in a long-term relationship, that doesn’t automatically exclude you from STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

Seriously girls, STDs and unwanted pregnancies can not only throw a big wrench in your relationship, but can have big consequences on your life. Using a condom is literally a way to protect your body and your future. It is so incredibly important not only for friends with benefits, but for everybody!

What do you think about this study? Have you ever been in a friends with benefits relationship? How did it work out? Let us know in the comments!

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  • kcarpin

    I was in a FWB relationship, but then it turned into a committed relationship. We chose before, and we haven’t changed our minds.