A 2-Second Trick To Make Your Eyes Look Pretty–Without Makeup!

pretty eye without makeup

Looking good without makeup? Not a problem! | Source: Shutterstock

The annoying thing about most beauty tips is that they focus on makeup, and while makeup can be fun, it’s not something all of us want to wear every day. In fact, I know some of your parents won’t even let you wear makeup yet. Luckily, for those girls who are going without makeup (even just sometimes), I’ve got a great tip for you.

Ever heard of an eyelash curler? It’s an inexpensive metal device (most are $5 or $6) that works kind of like a pair of scissors, except instead of clippers at the end, it has a curling bar. When you press your eyelashes in the curling bar of the eyelash curler, your eyelashes will immediately be drawn upward, toward your forehead. What does that do? Turns out, a lot. If you’ve ever wished you had bigger eyes or didn’t think your eyes were pretty before, I think you’ll be wowed by what you see when you use this eyelash curling trick.

You can rock this pretty look without makeup, or if you want, you can put mascara over the top to emphasize it even more. Either way, girl, you’re gorgeous and you know it!

Do you ever go without makeup? Have you used an eyelash curler? What’s your favorite beauty trick for when you want to feel extra pretty? Tell us in the comments!

Did You Hear This Gross Beauty Tip?

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  • Myself

    I find it bazaar that a request to look good without makeup is reflected by a photo of a model with makeup on!

  • Hyemun

    Thanks so much for the tips ^.^ they worked so well for me!! I applied vaseline on my lashes and keep the area around my eyes very well moisturized and it worked so i will continue to use this message
    Thank you ^.^

  • shakes.ahmad

    I really wanted to know how to make our eyes looking big n wide. But this tip will nt work on males.

  • Kaye

    I agree!!! IM ABOUT TO TURN 14 AND EVERY ONE WEARS MAKEUP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just pot on vaseline and roll with it but heck imma try all this Thanks yall!!!

    • Aari Brea

      My m is so strict she won’t even let me use an eyelash curler. I think she just wants me to be ugly so I won’t get boys. But too late cause they’re already all over me.

      • Hannah

        Conceited bitch

    • Aari Brea

      Sorry, I meant to say *My mom

  • Kay

    I used to curl my eyelashes everyday, then One day I noticed I had bald spots pretty much in the middle of my lash line. They weren’t completely gone but they were stubs in that spot. This went in for a year, they didn’t grow but they didn’t fall out either. Anyways I ended up putting Vaseline on them and no joke, after one week they can completely grown in. A eyelash extension technician told me it was from the eyelash curler, they are often used wrong and damaged my lashes. (I didn’t have eyelash extensions, I just went to show her my problem)

  • Beth

    Never wear make-up ahaha own like a tonne of it though hahah 😉

  • mayurika

    i think eyelash curlers work really well….however i have got another trick to get beautiful lashes….:-) Ever tried putting olive oil…? use a clean mascara brush…( can use d 1 from ur old mascara bottle or buy a disposable 1) and dip it in olive oil….use it exactly as you would have used to apply mascara….try this for every night…and there is guaranteed results to observe within a week…u will evidently find your lashes have grown longer … i personally suggest that you should do this for 1 month and then stop….after that…as a maintanance tip…i would suggest you to apply a mixture of milk and honey every weekend with your mascara brush…:-)
    i believe u will get results…. let me know how it works for you…:-)
    and yeah it makes your eyes look bigger ,mysterious and pretty

    • melinia

      I’m definitely gonna try this! Seems natural and not too difficult! Olive oil here I come!

  • InX

    It is awesome i always did my eye lashes curl almost everyday coz i feel much confident

  • NorthStarSea

    There’s this trick you can do with eyelash curlers: Run them under hot water before you use them. It adds extra oomph.

  • Danielle

    Wow! I already do that! 😀

  • BeliebInMB

    I have REALLY small eyes so I think this would help a lot.

  • Paige

    It’s funny most girls at my age (15) are covered in makeup and then there’s me, I only own one thing of mascara and thats for parties..

    • Leila

      I’m almost 17 and I don’t use any makeup at all. I don’t know why but it makes me feel fake and I don’t feel pretty at all. So thats why I go anywhere without any make up and I feel awesome !

  • Lolly

    I find eyelash curlers really useful – but please, if you’re new to them, go slowly and don’t alter your grip or you’ll yank your eyelid halfway across the room. And if it feels like you’re crimping skin instead of eyelashes, back off and start again.

    To get extra crimping power, I cut a long slit into the little rubber bit, in line with the metal bar that presses down into it. Add some mascara, and I have the eyes of a fawn. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Mom’s taking me for my first trip to the meadow. It’s gonna be awesome.