Wanna Know Your Horoscope? A Peek At December 2012!


(June 21 – July 22)

You probably feel you’ve been used, or let down, and in a sense perhaps you have. Yet your belief in true love will triumph—don’t give up yet! Fate is at work to bring you deepest satisfaction. You’ve learned a lesson about what is most valuable – what can’t you live without? Now knowing this, make an important choice. Yes, relationships bring out messy emotions, but they also bring out your courage. As for another decision you’re facing, it’s hard to pull away from others, but you’ll be far more effective acting on your own!

Your December 2012 Power Play: Sometimes the best way to learn something is by just diving in and doing it! Stop being so hard on yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes once in a while. You’ll learn more and have more fun.

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  • Rowannna

    Any other special libras out there?

  • makenzi

    yeah my aquarius horoscope matches sooooo real its scary

  • jada262

    Loving the Virgo horoscope. Really liked the part about a romantic adventure…. Freaky accurate!!!

  • StrongGURL20

    Cancer BABY!!!!!!!!

  • Amalia

    Leo’s ROCK!!!!! Reply if you agree!

  • Kim

    That is wwwwaaaaaayyyyyy off for me. Mostly.

  • priya

    All are really looking good, great work.

  • kaytothetee

    sooooo accurate!

  • Helen

    Hopefully what the Taurus says is true about my turning point because I’m definitely confused about everything (family, friends, grades, love) I’m on the pursuit of happiness 🙂

  • sign3765

    I’ve already experienced part of my Aries bravery. Scary how these are so correct!!!!!!

  • Lily

    Really liked my Libra horoscope. Made me feel more determined and confident!!

  • Emily_509

    This is the second horoscope for virgo about a romantic adventure in December! Haha! Very excited about that! Also, some of this information is true for me.

  • chrissi393

    definitely liking my Virgo horoscope… fingers crossed for my “romantic adventure”! :p