Wanna Know Your Horoscope? A Peek At December 2012!

Taking a peek into the future is pretty fun stuff. But here at Gurl, we don’t believe that your future is totally laid out in stone (or in the stars)–instead, we think each of us (that means YOU) has the power to make her own destiny.

That’s why as you read your horoscope, you’ll see that you have a “Power Play” for the month. Think of these as ways for you to take your future into your own hands, and make your awesome, amazing, fun, and crazy life exactly what you want it to be!

Ready to get started, girl? (Of course you are!) Click on your sign below to read your monthly horoscope for December 2012!

March 21-April 19


April 20-May 20


May 21-June20


June 21-July 22


July 23-August 22


August 23-September 22


September 23-October 22


October 23-November 22


November 23-December 21


December 22-January 19


January 20-February 18


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  1. avatar Rowannna says:

    Any other special libras out there?

  2. avatar makenzi says:

    yeah my aquarius horoscope matches sooooo real its scary

  3. avatar jada262 says:

    Loving the Virgo horoscope. Really liked the part about a romantic adventure…. Freaky accurate!!!

  4. avatar StrongGURL20 says:

    Cancer BABY!!!!!!!!

  5. avatar Amalia says:

    Leo’s ROCK!!!!! Reply if you agree!

  6. avatar Kim says:

    That is wwwwaaaaaayyyyyy off for me. Mostly.

  7. avatar priya says:

    All are really looking good, great work.

  8. avatar kaytothetee says:

    sooooo accurate!

  9. avatar Helen says:

    Hopefully what the Taurus says is true about my turning point because I’m definitely confused about everything (family, friends, grades, love) I’m on the pursuit of happiness :)

  10. avatar sign3765 says:

    I’ve already experienced part of my Aries bravery. Scary how these are so correct!!!!!!

  11. avatar Lily says:

    Really liked my Libra horoscope. Made me feel more determined and confident!!

  12. avatar Emily_509 says:

    This is the second horoscope for virgo about a romantic adventure in December! Haha! Very excited about that! Also, some of this information is true for me.

  13. avatar chrissi393 says:

    definitely liking my Virgo horoscope… fingers crossed for my “romantic adventure”! :p

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