Katy Perry Says She’s Not A Feminist. Really?

Katy Perry feminist

Katy Perry insists she’s not a feminist. She’s sure acting like she is. | Source: WENN

We were so excited when Katy Perry won the Billboard Woman of the Year title–considering her massive success for Teenage Dream and all of its singles, her movie, her California Dreams tour, and even her perfume and eyelash lines, she totally deserved the honor.

But we were so bummed when she said the following:

“I am not a feminist, but I do believe in the strength of women.”

Um, Katy? You clearly don’t know what the word “feministmeans. A feminist is, by definition (seriously, you can look it up), someone who thinks men and women, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, should all be treated equally. Feminists don’t want to go around castrating dudes–feminists are more like Lily Ledbetter, who’s all, “Hey, why’s this dude making more money than me for doing the same job with the same amount of experience?”

If Katy Perry really isn’t a feminist, we’re surprised she campaigned for Barack Obama so heavily, because it’d mean she didn’t believe in her own right to vote. If Katy Perry really isn’t a feminist, she wouldn’t mind if, hypothetically speaking, Justin Bieber earned about 30 percent more money than she did to perform at the same concert. If Katy Perry really isn’t a feminist, she wouldn’t mind being illiterate and staying home all day instead of working. And she certainly wouldn’t need so many sweet rides, because women totes shouldn’t be able to drive, right?

The fact that Katy Perry doesn’t think she’s a feminist doesn’t mean she’s not a feminist. It just means she’s really ignorant about what feminism stands for–and it’s a shame that she’s sending that message to girls everywhere, because it implies that they should be somewhat embarrassed for not wanting to be second class citizens. In reality, feminism shouldn’t embarrass Katy Perry. But songs about binge drinking, shooting whipped cream from her bra, and having loud sex with notorious scuzzbucket John Mayer probably should.

Do you think Katy Perry really isn’t a feminist? Do you think Katy Perry saying she’s not a feminist is detrimental to feminism? Do you consider yourself a feminist? Tell us in the comments!

Dating a douchebag who doesn’t respect women really isn’t a feminist move, Katy Perry!

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  • Britt

    I think this is ridiculous. I’m not feminist simply because they take it too far. I’m all for the strength of women, but feminists now a days take everything out of context, just like this article.

    • Timisha

      Feminist has a bad connotation because it implies that it is someone who goes to far and get angry over little thing. however, like this artical said a feminist is just a person who believes men and women should have equal rights, no more, no less. It is not a terrible thing to be a feminist. In fact, many people are feminist without knowing it.

  • Paige

    I think this post is ignorant. Incompletely understand where she was going. I’m not a feminist but I’m not what this article says. I don’t get why women fought so hard to work. It’s the males job honestly. Head of the household. I’d love to be a stay at home mom call me ignorant but I honestly don’t care

  • Em

    I think feminism is a bit outdated shouldn’t we be fighting for equality so that men, women, strait, gay, rich and poor all have equal rights regardless of where they live or their religious beliefs. As for the comments about her life choices I think it was a unnessasary she has the right to believe in what ever she wants and if she doesn’t identify with the word feminist that’s ok. She is an internationally recognised performer I think that’s a pretty good definition of a strong woman and what you can achieve if you work for it.

  • Joanne

    I think you’re taking her comment the wrong way. I don’t consider myself to be a civil rights activist, but I passionately believe in equality for all men and women regardless of racial, cultural, or religious background. The reason I wouldn’t consider myself a civil rights activist or a feminist is because legally the battles have been won. The only battles left are trying to break down societal barriers that keep the ideals of each of these movements from being reached. I would consider myself an heir to the legacy of civil rights and feminism, because my life has been incredibly changed for the better because of them. However the job I have as a result of either of these movements is more akin to cleaning up the mess after we already won the battle that doesn’t make me a warrior, but it also doesn’t mean that I have no regard or respect or allegiance towards the cause.

  • Nia

    “In reality, feminism shouldn’t embarrass Katy Perry. But songs about binge drinking, shooting whipped cream from her bra, and having loud sex with notorious scuzzbucket John Mayer probably should.”

    I agree with every part of this article…except for this part. And why, might I ask, should she be ashamed of these things? I am a feminist, and in that I believe that a woman has the right to choose the way that she lives her life. So what if she drinks, shoots whipped cream from her bra, and has loud sex? Does that make her a bad person? I don’t think so.

  • Emma

    I think you are taking this a bit too seriously.