Are You Exchanging Presents For Christmas?

what kind of presents for christmas should you get him?

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If you are a female with a heartbeat, chances are, you’re probably already experiencing a little disorder I like to call Holiday Present Panic. No, it’s not about what to get your mom (glue some macaroni on a poster board and pretend you’re still five), or your dad (macaroni on an old jar–he can keep coins in it!)–but what to get for that guy you like/are dating/are making out with. I mean, is it even okay to give him something for Christmas or Hanukkah? Will it freak him out? What if he gets you something major and you just like, got him a keychain? Holiday Present Panic is nothing to mess with, girl. Sit tight, find the relationship that sounds most like you below, and voila! You’ll be set.

You’re crushing hard
He’s super hot and funny, but you guys aren’t going out or anything, right? Definitely don’t get him anything major or that would be wrapped up with a bow. That will almost definitely freak him out forever and ruin your chances with him. Here’s what to do instead: Hand out candy canes at school with little notes tied to them. Put your phone number on his card with a note saying you hope you can hang out over winter break! Cute, flirty, totally not insane.

You guys just started going out
And by just started going out, I mean you’ve been together for two months or less. This one’s trickier. You guys aren’t written in stone yet (even though I’m sure it feels like you will be one day!) so anything expensive or showy is out of the question. Tell him that instead of exchanging presents this year for Christmas, you’d really rather exchange dates! Have him plan one date for the two of you, and you’ll plan another one. These fun holiday dates will bring you even closer together and give you awesome stuff to look forward to over holiday break.

He’s your newish boyfriend
If you guys have been going out for less than a year, talk to him and tell him you’re making him something for Christmas–then bake him cookies or brownies and write him a super thoughtful card about all the fun things you’ve done together so far. It’s a small but thoughtful gift, and it won’t cost you a ton. Plus, letting him know ahead of time that you’re making something will clue him in that you’re not looking for a diamond ring this year!

He’s been your boyfriend forever
Wow! You’ve been together for over a year?! Holy moly, girl. That’s great. Chances are, you’ve already gone through at least one birthday each and maybe even one holiday, so you might already know what to get him for Christmas . . . but if you don’t, no worries, either. Ask him if there’s anything he’d like for Christmas or Hanukkah–and if he says something crazy like an XBox or new tires for his car, just laugh and say, “No, I meant something I could actually get for you!,” and then tell him you’d like to exchange presents, but don’t want him going overboard. Maybe set a price limit of $10 or $20 and challenge each other to find the most creative gift you can.

Who knew presents could ever be so stressful, right? Now that you’re sorted on what to get him for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever he celebrates, you can get back to the important stuff: Figuring out how many cookies and chocolate Santas you can stuff in your face before December 25th!

Which category do you fall under? Do you get stressed out about giving presents for Christmas and other holidays? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  • Alison

    My boyfriend and I fall under the “newbie” category for sure (I’m his first gf and we’ve been together for about 3 months), but I have a problem! He already got me a present for Christmas (something to do with butterflies), and ask me to get him a SINGLE CANDY CANE. I’m obviously not going to, since he got me something already. But I have absolutely no idea what! I thought maybe cookies and candy cane socks as a joke, but I really have no idea. Help?!