Sex Really Is Kind Of Gross

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Sex education is a little gross as a whole, but when it’s with zoo animals? Whole other ball game! | Source: ShutterStock

Sex education is super important, but you have to admit it’s often pretty awkward … especially when you think about the fact that even though sex can be fun when you’re ready for it, it’s also pretty gross (bodily fluids! butts! sweat! strange orifices!). Then, imagine that your sex education constitutes watching elephants doing sexy stuff. Graphic stuff. In front of your whole class.

A zoo in Edinburgh, Scotland showed a bunch of kids a video of an elephant giving birth as part of a sex education program. The 10- and 11-year-old students were pretty freaked out by it. One parent explained, “The film about the elephant was quite full-on and there was one little boy who felt quite sick and was about to faint. Quite a few of the pupils felt a bit sick and didn’t want to watch it.”

Can’t say we blame them! The kids also got to yell out sex organs during a trip to see a bunch of monkeys. Because there’s nothing sexier than primates, right? The lessons last two hours, and one of the instructors admits it’s very “no nonsense.” But running around screaming “PENIS” at monkeys? That sounds kind of like nonsense. Awesome nonsense, but still.

If nothing else, this may promote abstinence in the youngins’ without meaning to. But it also presents sex (and birth) as something natural, so that cancels it out. Right?

Sex education is a super important, but we agree with these kids–it’s messy, sticky, and a little gross (especially to a 10-year-old who probably thinks guys still have cooties). Especially when there’s poop-throwing involved.

Do you agree that sex is a little gross? When do you think kids should start sex education? How young is too young for sex education? How did you deal with your first sex education class? Tell us in the comments!

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  • George Jones

    Easy, stop having sex. Sex is gross and shouldn’t be done, especially for fun! People need to stop having sex and think about important things like science. Why populate the Earth when you could stop having sex and live forever!

  • Tea

    I live in a country that is starting with healthcare class. I am open to talk about it, but I don’t want to talk with my teachers about it and learn through weird toys!

  • Indigo

    Whoa. Whoa. When I was in fifth grade, we had our first health ed/ human development/ sex ed. So yeah, we giggled and gasped like crazy when we learned about, well, yeah. But 10 year olds do NOT think that boys have cooties. Maybe that’s just my grade, but we were pretty mature and had crushes since first grade. So no. I’m not 10 but I still find that offensive because that’s the general attitude everyone seems to have towards younger kids. In sixth grade, it was annoying to be walking by 8th graders and hear, “aww, look at the little sixth graders.” What is it with grown ups and teens that treat kids like babies? I can’t stand it.

  • Ashley

    My ninth grade science class had to watch a video of an elephant giving birth. It was part of the curriculum.

  • turtleshelll

    When I was five I saw my Mother give birth to my little brother. It was horrifying their was poop and blood everywhere. Now however I have a very healthy and positive attitude torwards sex. I think you should desentize kids rather early by presenting it in a natural way. In the netherlands sex ed starts around first grade and the idea of love is emphasized, they have one of the lowest teen pregnancy rates.