Don’t Ask These Four Rude Questions . . . Ever!

don't ask rude questions!

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Asking questions is the obvious thing to do when you meet new people or are getting to know someone better. Our differences are actually what make life interesting and fun. I’ve always been big on asking questions (I think I drove my parent and teachers crazy!), but I also know that there are some questions that are simply too rude to ask. Unfortunately, some people don’t think before they speak, and then wonder why the people they’re talking to get super pissed off.

To save you the embarrassment of asking a super rude question, here are four questions that should never escape your lips. Just don’t ask them. Ever.

1. How Much Do You Weigh?
I’ve been asked this question so many freaking times and it’s insane that people think it’s an acceptable thing to ask. What does my weight have to do with anything? I’m on the smaller side and get it a lot–but I have friends who are on the bigger side, and they hear it, too. That number on the scale is a pretty touchy subject for a lot of people, and your asking about it just aggravates the situation. If you’re looking to buy me a sweater or something, just ask what size I’d be–but don’t ask about my actual weight. It makes you look like a clueless jerk.

2. How Much Did That Cost?
Oh. My. Goodness. If you like my new scarf or shirt or whatever, say so, but don’t ask how much I paid for it. I know you might be asking because you want to get it for yourself, but the thing is, how much I paid is really none of your business. You don’t know if the person you’re talking to gets her clothes as hand-me-downs from neighbors, on the clearance rack at Target, or at Bloomingdale’s for full price; and for many people, divulging those details is uncomfortable, because they can reveal a lot about their family’s budget–something that’s super personal! Unless someone tells you on her own how much she spent (I like to tell my friends when I get good deals so they can get in on them, too!), just give the compliment and then drop it. No need to be rude and open a can of worms over a woolly sweater, right?!

3. How Far Have You Guys Gone?
Girly gossip can be so fun, but when this question gets brought up, it makes my toes curl–not in the good way. It’s great to be excited for your girlfriends when they tell you that they met a new guy, or that they had a great date. But asking outright for juicy details about her make out sessions is in super poor taste. It makes you look like a rude gossip hound and might make her self-conscious about how far she has (or hasn’t!) gone with her guy. When it comes to your friends and their sex lives, always refer to these two rules: Don’t ask for information unless she offers, and don’t judge if and when she does!

4. How Much Do Your Parents Make?
I know first-hand how much this question sucks. My mom and dad didn’t make much money when I was growing up, and I was really self-conscious of that (even though I know now I shouldn’t have been) because all my friends were really well-off. So when one of my friends started blabbing about how much her dad made as a corporate lawyer, and then asked about my family, it felt like crap. Why? Well, how much someone earns through their work is super tied into how much people think they’re worth in general. People who make less often feel inferior to those who make more. Of course that’s wrong, because sometimes the people with the least vital jobs in our societies–hello, professional athletes!–make the most money; but it’s still how a lot of people feel. So asking questions about how much anyone gets paid, whether it’s parents or even your friends when they get after-school jobs, is plainly rude and inappropriate.

Seriously ladies, don’t ask any of those questions. Even if you don’t mean them in a nasty way, they will come across as rude and make you look like the bad guy.

What is the rudest question you’ve ever been asked? Do you think these questions are as rude as I do? Tell me in the comments!

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  • najee

    Because I’m not much of a smiler, someone asked me if I had any friends.

    But the thing about offensive questions or rather, being offensive in general is subjective. Not everyone views the same things as offensive, even if it seems universal.

    For example, I’m a skinny male and people ask me all the time ” Why are you so skinny? “. I happen to find that offensive because I hate being skinny. However, whenever I get offended, people tell me ” That’s a compliment! ” as if I’m supposed to see it that way because everyone else does. People have accused me of grandstanding because they couldn’t see how I could take that as an insult.

    But if I were to walk up to that same person and say ” What are you so fat? “, it would be a problem all around because it’s universally perceived as an insult.

  • jkjkjk

    People should always remember that if a question can cause offense to another person, it should not be a question that is asked. Though if you know someone well enough that they are willing to tell you these personal things you should still take care. We are all entitled to our opinions, but we all should use that entitlement to respect ourselves and other people, so though it sounds cheesy THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!!

  • Cherri

    Ask for a clothes size instead? Heck, no! That’s even worse! I hate it when people ask you what size clothes you’re wearing, it makes you feel fatter than everyone else (especially since size should have nothing to do with liking something someone else has got on).

  • turtleshelll

    Or people could just get over themselves, and if the question offends them choose not to respond. I’ve recieved all of these questions, I’ve also asked them a few times, really if your close with someone it’s not that big of a deal, not everyone is out to judge you.

    • Alicia

      uh……………not replying makes you look like an insecure little kid. And anyway, do you really think that people with eating disorders want to answer how much they weigh? Would you REALLY want to tell your friends how far you’ve gone when your friends have loads more exsperience than you? You need to understand that not everyone is thick-skinned and tough like YOU. You have to be more considerate to other people and their feelings.