7 Secrets To Being Her Best Friend Ever

Think about your best friend. You would do just about anything for her, right? If you’re not saying yes, we guess you don’t remember that time she held your hair back when you were sick in Chemistry class or when she took the blame for you missing curfew (even though she’d stayed in studying that night!). Right. You owe her, girl!

Well, how about learning how to be an even better best friend to her? We’re not saying you’re not doing a great job in the best friend department already–we know you are–but when it comes to the people we love most, it’s always important to give our best.

Here are seven secrets to being her best friend ever. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll even leave her loyal pet puppy in the dust!

Who is your best friend? Tell us all about her in the comments!

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  • Nayan

    She is my best friend.
    She is always lucky for me.
    I don’t forget her.

  • Deya

    Hey. Cool advice. My BBF’s name is Sabina. I know her since last year. We became friends because of my ex boyfriend :)). I liked to cry on her shoulder. I called her everytime he made me feel bad, and I called her very often… She was listening to me and that made me aproach. And now we are best friends but sometimes I can’t understand her and we fight but rarely. We most follow these advice if we want our frienship to last.