How It Really Feels To Be Waiting For Winter Vacation

So it’s only been one week since Thanksgiving, and I already only have one thing on my mind: WINTER BREAK! As soon as I turn the calendar in my room next month to December, there’s no telling how crazy my brain is going to go when I can see the date where I’ve added 800 exclamation points to mark my excitement over the start of winter vacation.

During my school years, the three week period between now and the start of winter break was hard to survive, with many obstacles to get through in order to make it to the finish line. Pick your downfall – Holiday movies? Snow? Exam-loving teachers? All of the above?

This three week path to winter break can seem like the longest of your life, and I have a feeling that some of you probably can relate to both the excitement and the frustration. So here I am to help you survive through school on to winter vacation through some GIFTs – wait sorry, I meant GIFs (holidays are already on the brain).

Back at school everyone is all “Oh how was your Thanksgiving?” but I have no time to live in the past! Winter break is merely weeks away and words cannot fully grasp how excited I am.

One slight downside to his whole holiday season though is that my family has assigned me the job of shoveling the driveway each morning.

As a result, I’ve been losing a chunk of valuable ZZZs each morning. Even my desk is looking like a comfortable feather bed. Must… fight… off… sleep…

When I see my teacher glaring at me, I realize that this pattern of behavior probably won’t keep my teachers in the holiday spirit. They’re having none of my attempts to play this off as a joke.

Now here’s the difference between me and my teachers. I think “ONLY three weeks left!” They seem to feel like three weeks is like, an infinite amount of time for learning to occur.

Even though we just handed in a huge project before Thanksgiving break, my history teacher decides we will have another project due right before winter vacation.

Is it just me, or do teachers somehow come together to figure out how to ALL give a test in the same week? Because it seems like every single period I get assigned a new project or paper or exam. The “smooth-sailing” road to vacation just got pretty stressful.

As I walk to lunch, I just think “Must. Calm. Down.” Happy thoughts, like holiday presents! Presents to give, presents to receive. Before I know it I’m absorbed in giddy thoughts of presents.

I really wish I had some holiday chocolates to snack on during lunch, but when I open my lunch, it’s STILL Thanksgiving leftovers. I mean, I’m all for not wasting food, but I’m starting to worry about freshness here.

The bell finally rings and I swing on my backpack which has about ten pounds of homework in it now. Three weeks suddenly seems like an eternity.

Snap out of it, self! I decide to finish all those pre-break projects super early this year in order to get a jump start on my vacation relaxation. Take that procrastination!

Four minutes in and the delicious smell of cookies is wafting upstairs. I know my mom is baking them for some holiday party, so even though I know these aren’t for me, I start getting distracted:

Hold up, It’s A Wonderful Life just came on TV?! I mean, they may not play that again the rest of the holiday season! I set down my books and settle in for a 4-hour holiday adventure.

As the end credits roll, my mom is pretty mad I haven’t done any homework yet, so I head upstairs to pull the first of many all-nighters just to get the minimum done.

Repeat this day about twenty more times. There will be a lot of daydreaming about presents, hot chocolate drinking and sleeping instead of homework, but finally, the wonderful day will arrive: WINTER BREAK!!!

See ya in 2013, school!

How excited are you for winter break? Are there a lot of school assignments standing in your path to freedom? Tell me in the comments!

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