What Your Christmas Cards Say About You

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I was reading the news this morning and came across something that made my eyes practically roll out of my head. The folks over at HLN have come up with pseudo analysis about what the Christmas cards you send say about you. I’m big into sending cards, so I read it . . . and was super annoyed.

Here’s why: If you receive Christmas cards (or Hanukkah cards, or New Year’s cards, whatever!), you shouldn’t be sitting around judging people based on the design they chose to send. That’s actually the antithesis of the point of holiday cards! If someone thought enough about you to sit down, write out a little card, and pop it in the mail? That’s an incredibly thoughtful thing in the age of Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging. Any card–whether it has Snoopy or Santa on the front–should make you feel loved and happy.

I take sending Christmas cards very seriously. I love it. Every year, I schedule an evening where I put on my favorite Elvis Christmas album (it’s cheesy, but awesome), make some hot chocolate, and go to town on those cards. Sure, I try to get cute ones that aren’t super religious (because I’m not)–but I’d like to think that when my friends and family members open them, they’re not wondering how much I spent or what statement I’m trying to make about myself. I’m not sending them to get attention–I’m sending them to spread affection. Totally different!

Christmas cards are like books in that you can’t read them by their covers. It’s what’s inside–the message you write yourself–that counts. I’m just hoping all of you remember that this year, too.

Do you send out Christmas cards? Tell me why or why not in the comments!

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