10 Fun Ways To Relieve Stress That You’ll Actually Love

Ugh. Not to sound like a total Grinch, but isn’t the holiday season so stressful? I love the holidays as much as any other cheery person, but think about it – thinking of presents to buy and actually coming up with the money to buy those presents can make you so stressed! And if you’re a student, forget about it. December also means mid-terms if you’re in high school and finals if you’re in college. Talk about a headache.

But all that stress isn’t good for you, girl! That’s why you need to find a way to just… relax. I know, it sounds so much more simple than it is. But that’s why I’m here to help you out with a few fun ways to relieve stress. These aren’t your usual tips – I mean, yeah, sleeping, meditating and yoga may relieve stress, but those things are boring. These tips are super fun and you’ll actually love doing them… meaning they’ll make you happy and you’ll be less stressed.

So take a few minutes out of your super busy day to stop studying, stop shopping, stop helping your mom clean, stop worrying about your crush and do at least one of these things. And keep them in mind for the rest of the holidays. No one wants a grumpy grouch around Grinching up their holiday!

What’s your favorite way to relieve stress? Which tip here was your favorite? What did I miss? What are you stressing over right now? Tell us in the comments!


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  • SD

    Great, except for the last one. Use your BF’s or your brother’s or your guy friend’s. Really, why not your GF’s, your sister’s, or your girl friend’s?

    • FE

      I agree! In thought that was super-sexist to assume only guys have gaming consoles. WTH. :/

  • Mal

    Our school needs a puppy room! WE LOVE PUPPIES! XD <3

  • Mimi

    Great ideas!