Taylor Swift Wants Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber To Break Up For Good!

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are on and off, but Taylor Swift thinks they should be off for good. That may explain all that side eye. | Source: WENN

While a lot of Beliebers, Selenators, and Jelena lovers are probably thrilled that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together, one very important person in Sel’s life isn’t too happy about it: Taylor Swift!

As Sel’s best friend, T-Swizzle is reportedly bummed about the couple reuniting. A mutual pal of the superstar BFFs revealed that Taylor hates seeing Selena so unhappy because of Justin’s wandering eye issues and the toll of the publicity they get as a couple: “She [Taylor] just feels Selena is getting weighed down by the Justin drama.”

It turns out, Sel’s own mama agrees with Swifty–and we all know, mama knows best. The pal added, ”Selena’s mom, Mandy, doesn’t want Selena held back by Justin,” the friend added. “She says he’s too much trouble.”

Sometimes we need to listen to our girlfriends, especially in the case of an off-and-on romance. If someone is a true friend, she wants to see you happy, and if you’re constantly crying or worrying about what a guy is doing, guess what? He’s not making you happy. It’s better to be single than strung along and miserable, and your friends can help you see through to what the real reasons are that you’re staying: Are you addicted to the drama? Do you fear being alone? Do you think you can’t do better? (Girl, you can. Whoever he is, you can.)

When you really like a dude, it’s easy to get blinded by that and not quite understand that he’s actually making you pretty miserable–it’s a tangled web of breaking up, making up, making promises, breaking promises, and bruising of egos. A lot of times your friends will see it before you do: Your behavior may change, and you may complain about him more than you realize. But your friends will probably pick up on it, because they’re seeing everything pretty objectively through an outside lens (and because they might be a little tired of hearing your kvetch about the same jerk all the time).

Moral of the story? If you’re unsure about a guy, ask a friend. She won’t steer you wrong!

As for the particular case of Jelena, Taylor Swift has said that cheating is a dealbreaker for her, and she’s smart for it. Considering the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breakup was rumored to be due to Sel’s trust issues and Biebs’ wandering eye, we don’t blame Taylor for encouraging the pair to never, ever, ever get back together. Like, ever.

Have you ever needed a friend to give you a reality check with relationship drama? Would you take Taylor Swift’s dating advice? Do you think Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber should stay together or break up? Tell us in the comments!

If worse comes to worst, at least Taylor Swift (and Miley Cyrus!) may get a good song from a Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez split!

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  • Taylor

    Uhhhh this reminds me of my guy friend that I’m really close to. He has a girlfriend that lives really far away and I thought it was silly in the first place ’cause they barely see each other in person. He doesn’t like her too terribly much, he has told me himself that she is wayyyyy to clingy and obsessive. He doesn’t even think she’s pretty….. lol but whatever. He’s asked me and other friends of his way to many times if he should break up with her. We always tell him yeah, if your questioning the relationship yourself and you don’t even really like the girl too much you probably shouldn’t be in it. He kind of denies it though, and says “it doesn’t really affect my daily life though.” I see where he’s coming from but his complaining and stuff is getting really annoying.

  • Alexis

    When I was reading this all I saw in my head was my best friend and her douchebag boyfriend. Whenever she has a problem with him she immediately texts me or calls me crying because he’s been mean to her. I’ve told her that it would be best if they broke up because all they do is fight but she always says, but I love him and I’ll never leave him. I get so annoyed by it because I can see everything and I can tell that he’s lying to her but she still believes him. I wish she could just see it from my point of view!

    • Ashilyn

      this is very helpful to me becuase to my friend, im that girl. not the one who sees it all, but the one whos blindedd.