What Are Migraines And What Do They Have To Do With Your Period?

migraines happen near your period

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We’ve all had a headache here or there, but if you’ve ever had a headache so bad that you basically couldn’t do anything except lie down and be miserable, you just might suffer from migraines.

Migraines are the ninja of all headaches. They usually show up without warning and totally knock you out of commission. Some people who get migraines throw up because the pain is so bad, some people have to be in the dark because being in a light room makes the pain worse. Migraines are awful, so if a friend says she can’t hang out because she’s got a migraine, go easy on her. I’m sure she’d rather get crazy with you than curl up in the dark next to her barf bag.

Nobody knows for sure what causes migraines or how to prevent them for good, but there are a lot of known links between your period and migraines. Yup. Not only can your period bring you stained jeans, bloating, acne, and debilitating cramps–it can also bring on migraines! (If boys only knew what they were missing out on, amirite?)

Here’s the deal: Right before you get your period, your hormone levels shift. When the levels of estrogen–one of those hormones–dips, you might be more likely to get migraines. If you suffer from menstrual migraines, talk to your doctor. There is medication that help ease the pain of the headache, or she might want to put you on birth control to even out your hormones so you don’t get migraines as often in the first place.

Do you get migraines or know somebody who does? What do you do about them? Tell us in the comments!

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  • katie

    yep they are just horrile and u can do nothing but lie down 🙁

  • Chic

    Oh yeah, I get frequent migraines. If they aren’t like, to the 5th degree, I pop a Tylenol and fight through it. But other than that, I just lie in the dark and be miserable. Lol. . . and puke. Honestly, I wouldn’t even wish a migraine on the worst person that could possible exist in all of history.

  • Lanah

    Actually, you throw up because a migraine shuts down your digestive functions…