Dress Like 10 Fantastically Evil Disney Villains

Oh, you thought you could only dress up like Disney villains on Halloween? Nope, not so. Despite the fact that they may only appear to have one outfit (give them a break, they’re cartoons!), Disney villains are actually quite fashionable. And you don’t have to pile on the elaborate accessories or makeup in order to be like these ladies (and man).

Pulling inspiration from these guys for your everyday look is a great way to mix things up. Luckily for you, I’ve done all the work for you so you don’t even have to lift a finger – except to punch your credit card numbers into the computer to buy some of these items. Check out these Disney villain inspired outfits. And if you want to get more info on these clothes, just click on the picture!


Ursula from The Little Mermaid
Disney Villains


Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland


Mother Gothel from Tangled


Lady Tremaine from Cinderella


Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty


Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmations


Madame Medusa from The Rescuers


Gaston from Beauty and the Beast


Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove 


Evil Queen from Snow White


Which of these was your favorite look? Which of these villains/movies is your favorite? Who do you want to dress like? Tell me in the comments!


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  3. avatar Marissa says:

    Omg I love the outfits! They are so cool! Gurl really is awesome I’m serious. :)

  4. avatar Meg says:

    Saw the both the Princess article and now the Villains. LOVED THEM BOTH. Now all we need are the Princes for the leading men in our lives.

  5. avatar lucy says:

    i really love maleficent and ursula outfits!

  6. avatar Allison says:

    Holy Crap!!! Maybe you guys wanna think about stuff that’s a bit more affordable. Some of us here on Girl are not rich, and seeing these cute outfits that all just ended up costing hundreds of dollars was quite a disappointment. Lol, just a thought…

  7. avatar Megan says:

    I love Madame Medua’s and Mother Gothel’s outfits. They are so cute!

  8. avatar LaSondra says:

    I love Ursula’s style it’s plain but cute it still is able to pop and it has all my favorite colors.

  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    I love the Gaston and the Queen of Hearts outfits!

  10. avatar Lauren says:

    vey cute. i love the emperorsnew groove one.

  11. avatar Tayy says:

    Love this article! Keep writing articles like this. More fashion posts would be more interesting and give the site more variety!

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