10 Reasons To Still Sleep With Your Teddy Bear

Straight up confession? I’ve had my teddy bear since I was three (my sister swears I stole him from her, but, really, I was rescuing him!) and he’s still in my bed every night when I climb in. If you still sleep with your teddy bear (or bunny or duckie or hippo–no animal judging here!) and feel like maybe you’re getting too old to hug a stuffed animal at night, I’ve got 10 reasons why it’s totally okay to still sleep with your teddy bear right here.

Read it through with your fluffy friend, discuss among yourselves, then get back to me with your game plan. I have a feeling that teddy bear of yours will stay by your side. But you know, that’s all up to the two of you.

Do you still sleep with a teddy bear? Tell me about it (what’s his name?!) in the comments!

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  • Mushy Pettiford

    I currently have 6 because my 29 yr old niece took 1 of them, which I’m plotting to rescue. She doesn’t even sleep with him, he’s placed on her dresser. Their names are Beary, Diamond, 21, Moosey, Froggy, Snuggles and Monk Monk. I’m 38 and my bf doesn’t mind a bit. He actually brings them home for me.

  • Anshika Mittal

    i sleep wth my teddy bcz i feel like someone is sleeping with me i share everything with my teddy and madly love my tedddy and its name is dg