10 Reasons To Still Sleep With Your Teddy Bear

Straight up confession? I’ve had my teddy bear since I was three (my sister swears I stole him from her, but, really, I was rescuing him!) and he’s still in my bed every night when I climb in. If you still sleep with your teddy bear (or bunny or duckie or hippo–no animal judging here!) and feel like maybe you’re getting too old to hug a stuffed animal at night, I’ve got 10 reasons why it’s totally okay to still sleep with your teddy bear right here.

Read it through with your fluffy friend, discuss among yourselves, then get back to me with your game plan. I have a feeling that teddy bear of yours will stay by your side. But you know, that’s all up to the two of you.

Do you still sleep with a teddy bear? Tell me about it (what’s his name?!) in the comments!

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  • Allicia

    I still sleep with my bff stuffed cat and her name is Valerie. She was given to me by my grandma. Valerie is a small white cat(now offwhite even when washed from years of love) with yellow eyes, pink nose with an adorable frown*

  • Ana

    My name is Ana, iam 30 years old. I sleep happy holding Belair, my teddy bear. And i like to watch TV with Belair too.
    I also take him with me when i travel…I have this teddy bear for 6 years, he is my company.

  • Sarah

    I love to snuggle up after picking up my kids at school with an orange bear named Berry, a Jellycat “Black and Cream Puppy” named Spots, and a blanket I crocheted when I was 7. Back in the day, we learned to crochet at a young age. (If anyone here is as old as I am- I was born in 1966- then you know what I’m talking about!)

  • yahia khaiwi

    My name is yahia and a got a teddy bear and a stuffed duck for my birth day and I love it so much but not named yet.I wear It my small clothes and I am 12 .15/9/2014.I hope I help every one

  • msvanityforever

    Hi i am 20 years old and I’ve had my bunny for as long as i can remember. I named her Dianne after my nana who gave her to me. I can’t sleep without her. It’s comforting to know that I am not alone. #longlivestuffedcuddling

  • Karo

    HI i’m Karole-Ann and i’m 24 yo. Recently i felt in love with a stuffed animal at the store… His name is Rocco the raccoon :3 i felt guilty at first to sleep with him at my age, but i’m feeling lot better since i’ve read this article 😛 he’s the cutest and softest raccoon ever. 😀

  • michele

    I’m in a relationship but when things are not so good I feel the comfort of my dog named Sam. Its soft and Its a comfort in Times of a hurting heart . my man gets jealous we hen I cuddle w it. I love to cuddle Sam and I’ve always had stuffed animals my whole life. Maybe it just stems from childhood.

  • lucy

    I always sleep with all my teddies because they make me feel safe :)

  • kalaivani ganapathy

    when i have monthly fever every month i always hug my teddy bear and cry .my heart feels better like weightless more than a feather.above teddy only giving me peacefull happiness .
    i love teddy bear having the habbit of kissing,hugging and sleeping .

  • Heather

    I sleep with a cat named k.c I got him from fashion bug in Kansas City when my siblings and I stayed there for the summer with my grandparents my grandpa named him and although he was very special then he is even more so now since my grandpa passed away in 99 and was only around a short time after getting him makes me feel like my grandpa is always close by.

  • Benjamin

    I still have my doll in bed with me, I suppose it’s creepy since I’m a boy; but I’ve tried sleeping with other – more manly (lol) – toys and it doesn’t feel the same.

  • Morgan

    I got my bear, Big Baby, from my grandma on my first birthday and he’s been with me almost every night ever since. When I was in high school I had to get him a newborn baby onesie because he was falling apart. Now he’s in a cloth, zippered bag (to protect him even further) but he still protects me every night (teddy bear magic, duh.)

  • Kate

    I cuddle up with the crotcheted donkey that my best friend made for me (I love donkeys!) It was nestled against a bag of chai mix in the gift bag when she gave it to me. Months later, it STILL smells wonderfully of vanilla chai!