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A long time ago, I met this girl, Tammy. She was a lot like you. Super smart, funny, driven (although, okay, there were some days I knew she’d rather be in her jammies)–but generally all around awesomesauce. And then this girl who I already knew was beyond cool became amazing: Tammy started a kick ass organization called She’s The First with the goal of sending little girls in developing countries to school. We’re talking girls who’d never otherwise get a chance to be educated. Girls whose whole lives and futures could be changed by learning how to read and write. Girls whose lives really might suck otherwise.

Fast forward to now, and She’s The First is the thing to be involved with. This year, She’s The First is sponsoring the education of 300 girls in eight countries and teaching young women right here in the U.S. to be leaders. It’s like Tammy is Batman and She’s The First is the Justice League . . . except maybe without the capes.

Anyway, She’s The First has a chance to win A MILLION DOLLARS (yes, you read that right) to sponsor even more little girls across the world. They’ve been nominated as a finalist for the American Giving Awards and need your vote on Facebook to win. That’s right–the winners are being chosen only by Facebook votes, so your vote really will make a difference.

I don’t usually ask a ton of you guys, but please go here and vote for She’s The First right now–or before December 4th when voting ends! You’re awesome, they’re awesome, girls in general are awesome. It’s a no brainer, right?

If you want to learn more about Tammy and what She’s The First does, be ready to get blown away:

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