Miley Cyrus Spills On Her Fave One Direction Member, Or Another Reason We Should Be BFF’s

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My girl Miley Cyrus recently did an interview via Skype with MSN UK where she talked about her movie So Undercover, discussed some of her new music and revealed her favorite member of One Direction. This interview just further proves that Miley and I need to be best friends. Like, yesterday.

Oh, right, who’s her favorite member? Miley said, “Zayn Malik is my favorite. I think he’s the cutest.”

High-five, Miley. High-five. I know Harry Styles is the number one favorite for Directioners out there (or so I hear), but let’s just all take a second to agree that Zayn Malik is easily the hottest one out of that group. That hair, those eyes, that smile… sigh. I might be in love.

But seriously, though, why aren’t Miley and I best friends yet? Oh, you say it’s because she’s a superstar and I’m not? Well, listen guys, every celeb has a few non-famous friends and I should be one of Miley’s. It’s not like it’s impossible. We both have some serious love for Zayn, so obviously we can gossip about that a lot, and also it doesn’t hurt that she can probably help me meet him. But it’s not just about the Zayn stuff that we have in common. Miley seems like such a down-to-earth, fun, loving person. Look at her in this video! She’s just chilling on Skype. I want to hang out with her and her dogs and just talk about stuff like music and haircuts and Liam Hemsworth.

Another reason we should be BFF’s? In this interview, Miley says that she could never be an undercover cop in real life because “I can’t even keep a secret for, like, five seconds.” Um, me too. We can both be really good at not keeping secrets together. Think about it.

Watch her full interview right here:


How do you feel about Miley – do you dislike her or do you also wish you could be her BFF? Which member of One Direction is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!


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