5 Reasons Why We Wish Joseph Gordon-Levitt Would Play Batman

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We’re still hoping that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is cast as Batman in the new Justice League movie! | Source: WENN

We got so excited yesterday when we heard that Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be play Batman in the new Justice League movie! And then we got bummed out this morning when we learned that it’s not happening.

On one hand, it makes sense, because–spoiler alert!–The Dark Knight Rises establishes him as a different DC Comics character, and that would be difficult to forget and differentiate so soon. But it still would have been sort of awesome. Here are five reasons why we wish Joseph Gordon-Levitt would play Batman!

1. He could improve the “Batman voice.”

Dude, Christian Bale. We loved him as Bruce Wayne. Absolutely loved you. But not gonna lie, we didn’t like him quite as much as Batman, because it was really, really hard to understand what he was saying.

2. He could make Bruce Wayne more believable…
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is adorable, but he’s also got a guy-next-door vibe going. He could bring a new, almost everyman vibe to Bruce Wayne. And even though Bruce Wayne is rich, powerful, and strong, he’s still got a vulnerability to him that we think JGL could capture perfectly.

3. … Or he could replace Bruce Wayne entirely.
Since we’ve established that Christian Bale is an excellent Bruce Wayne, a risky–but potentially awesome–move would be to remake Batman without Bruce Wayne. If you saw TDKR, this theoretically could happen. (We’re trying not to give too much away!)

4. His comic timing.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt can do funny and serious, which would make him perfect for Justice League. If it’s anything like The Avengers, there’s going to be humor injected into the script, and who better to balance out Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern than JGL as Batman?

5. Maybe he’ll finally get his girl.
It broke our hearts when Zooey Deschanel left him in the dust in 500 Days of Summer, but c’mon–who can resist a guy in a cape? (And just throwing this out there, but Zooey shares a lot of features in common with Wonder Woman!)

Who do you think should play Batman next? Would you want to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman? Which Justice League member is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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