Ryan Guzman And Kathryn McCormick Talk Step Up Revolution!

The stars of Step Up Revolution are prepping for the big release of their DVD and stopped by the Clevver TV offices in Hollywood to spill all the details of what went down on set and which scenes were the best to film! As someone who loves any and all dance movies, I was super pumped to check this video out.

Don’t want to spoil the watch for you, but Ryan and Katherine dish on their favorite dances of the movie. Ryan said, “The plaza scene is one of my favorite ones because the musicality is on point.”

Kathryn says that the finale scene is the best because it incorporates all the different dance styles from the movie into the dance.

Guys, who’s right? It’s so awkward that they’re disagreeing, right? TOTAL DRAMA! Someone call the paparazzi, this is about to be a fight.

Kidding, but seriously, what was your favorite scene in Step Up Revolution?

For hilarious behind-the-scenes moments and even more clips from the movie, watch the full interview on Clevver TV and Step Up Revolution is out on DVD today!


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